Good Intentions


December 9, 2008 by J. Madson

As I have studied history it appears that some of the worst atrocities and horrors have been perpetrated under the guise of good intentions. Wars waged between nations, villages bombed, innocent civilians killed, fellow human beings tortured, weapons amassed and stockpiled, nuclear proliferation, etc; all of this done with good intentions or so we are told.

So yes perhaps many Americans believed the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq were done with good intentions. Perhaps they even believed torture was done with good intentions. After all what could be more important than preserving freedom. Perhaps even Bush and Cheney thought they were doing everything necessary to save the union, although I highly doubt it.

The problem with what we call good intentions is that they all too often focus on the self. the individual. They are all too often selfish tendencies disguised as good intentions. Where in those good intentions did we ever bother to consider our neighbor, to bless those that curse us, love our enemies, or turn the other cheek. Even our good intentions with reference to our families, community and nation make a statement that our circle of love or of good intentions only extend this far but no further. It seems to me that if we are ever to approach Christianity we must enlarge the circle to encompass all. Our intentions must be good for all or they are forms of self-delusion.


One thought on “Good Intentions

  1. theradicalmormon says:

    The problem is, we have been taught by every form of information that is presented to us that it is a good thing to bring democracy to savage and backward nations, or nations that are currently ruled by dictators and the worst sort of autocrats. We are only presented with a fragment of the whole picture and base our opinions on extremely limited information.

    Saddam Hussein for example. We were told he was a really bad guy who killed his own people and gassed the kurds and was making weapons of mass destruction to kill us all. In reality, Sadam was a bad guy. We know he had no discernable WMD program and he was created by the CIA, used in an assasination attempt against the ruler of Iraq early in his career, and provided 5,000 names of suspected communists by the CIA so that he could imprison and kill them when he was head of Iraqi intelligence. We then supported him in his oppression of the Shiite majority and refused to assist them when they revolted against Saddam immediately after Gulf War I. The USA has had a mighty part in the messing up of the nation of Iraq, long before the current Iraq war.

    We don’t get the full picture and thus bluster with patriotism and good intentions and follow our President down the path to messing up Iraq even further.

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