Bush will never be able to fill this man’s shoes.


December 14, 2008 by theradicalmormon

President Bush got a message from the Iraqi people today in the form of projectile shoes:

What the video doesn’t tell you is what the journalist said as he flung his shoes:

“This is a gift from the Iraqis; this is the farewell kiss, you dog” — and threw one of his shoes at the president, who ducked and narrowly avoided being struck.

As chaos ensued, he threw his other shoe, shouting, “This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq.”

Things will not fair well for this courageous journalist I assume, but in my mind, he is already a legend.

Update next day:

The NY Times weblog has these reactions from the Arab areas of Iraq (leaving out some of the positive reactions from some of the pro-American Kurds):

Samarra– The ancient city of Samarra, home of the Askariya Shrine explosion which set off a wave of sectarian bloodletting across Iraq, had a number of residents speak out in support of Mr. al-Zaidi.

Tawfeeq Qais, a 31-year-old barber, said: “Muntader expressed his opinion about freedom and democracy brought to Iraq by Bush. So Bush has to take the responsibility of it and this action is considered as a kind of democracy.”

Um Mohammad, a 36-year-old housewife, said: “Long live your right hand Muntader . This is what the American president deserves. I am calling to release Muntader Zaidi.”

Abu Ali, a 55-year-old laborer, said: “It is a wedding of all Iraqis. Muntader’s action is less than Bush deserves for killing, displacing and bloodletting Iraqis. I will blame the Iraqi government and American forces if anything wrong happens to Muntader.”

Mohammed Ibrahim, 51, said: “Bush deserves more than that because his soldiers have killed Iraqis. If Saddam had occupied America and kill the American people, then what would be their reactions? What we do expect Muntadhar to do when he watched the American forces killed Iraqis according to Bush’s order? Long live for your hand Muntadhar.”

Dr. Qutaiba Rajaa, 58, said: “Although that action was not expressed in a civilized manner, it showed the Iraqi feelings which refuse American occupation. Muntadhar expressed the real Iraqi feelings.”

Najaf – In the holy Shiite city of Najaf, 100 miles south of Baghdad, demonstrators chanted: “Bush, Bush, is a cow, your farewell was by a shoe,” and, “The shoe got its goal straightly, but Maliki turned it away.”

“These demonstrators are refusing the president of evil as well as renewing their refusal of the [security] pact,” said a man named Hazim Araji. “And we have coordinated such demonstrations in the whole of Iraq.”

Mosul — In Mosul, the largely Sunni Arab capital of Nineveh Province, residents said they supported the shoe-tossing Iraqi journalist.

Mohammad Zaki, a 27-year-old lawyer, said: “I appreciate the heroic position of Muntader al-Zaidi. I appreciate his love to home and his challenge to the occupier. I will blame Maliki if anything wrong happen to him or to his family.”

Jasim Mohammed, a 24-year-old laborer, said: “Muntader’s action got back the Iraqi dignity. He got back part of our gravity. God bless you Muntader. We are demanding the Iraqi forces to release him.”

Adnan Majwari, a 44-year-old Kurdish journalist, said: “It was a historical moment and if there are organizations who care about human rights and journalists freedom in Iraq then Muntader al-Zaidi has to be released immediately.”

Dr. Amal al-Annaz, a 48-year-old professor, said: “These are the real Iraqis who are well known for their magnanimity. Throwing a shoe on Bush was not a random action, but it is the result of every wound caused by the American president to the Iraqi people, women and children.”

Ahmad Sameer, a 22-year-old student, said: “It was the moment of the age because Bush will never forget it and it was a reminder to Bush about his wars and causalities in Iraq, but in an Iraqi way.”

“I swear by God that this man has freely expressed all Iraqis’ opinions and brought their wishes to reality,” said Mudhar Adeeb, an engineer.

Fawaz Ahmad, a 45-year-old day laborer, said: “He performed an excellent job and a great challenge. Bush deserves more than that.”

“He has done what the whole world could not,” said another man, Hazim Edress.

“This is the second insult directed to America after September’s events,” said Jasim Abdullah, a 29-year-old shopkeeper, in reference to the Sept. 11 attacks. “I suggest having an auction to sell the shoe.”

Yaareb Yousif Matti, a 45-year-old teacher said, “This is the killers and criminals’ dessert. They are Iraqi people’s killers. I swear by God that all Iraqis with their different nationalities are glad about
this act.”


6 thoughts on “Bush will never be able to fill this man’s shoes.

  1. J. Madson says:

    ditto. It seems Iraqis hate Bush as much as they did Saddam. Both men brought death and misery to Iraq.

    • J. Madson says:

      Juan Cole gives a good background on this and the remarkable comparison of images 5 years apart

      A journalist, Muntazir al-Zaidi of Baghdadiya Television, aimed two shoes at W. during a news conference in Baghdad during which Bush attempted to justify his invasion of Iraq. Baghdadiya, based in Cairo, Egypt, supports the Sunni Arab insurgents fighting the US and the al-Maliki government. Al-Zaidi shouted “This is a farewell kiss!” as he launched his size tens, then kept shouting “Dog, dog!” (In Arabic, it would be ibn al-kalb or son of a dog, equivalent to English s.o.b.; for color you can say ‘son of a thousand dogs!’)

      If you search shoes and Iraq, here is how google shows two BBC stories on December 14, five years apart (they came up together like this at the top of my search):

      BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Iraqis celebrate Saddam capture
      Dec 14, 2003 … women ululated and crowds beat pictures of Saddam with shoes. … where the Saddam statue was toppled at the end of the war, …
      news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/3317637.stm – 46k

      BBC NEWS | Middle East | Shoes thrown at Bush on Iraq trip
      Dec 14, 2008 … President Bush’s farewell visit to Iraq is marred by an incident in which two shoes are thrown at him during a news conference.
      news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7782422.stm – 8 hours ago

  2. Grégoire says:

    Things will not fair well for this courageous journalist

    That’s exactly what I was thinking when I first saw this (there’s a different version over on field-negro dot blogspot dot com).

    I suppose we should start that magic countdown until said shoe-lobber “mysteriously disappears” or is “murdered by unknown assailants” in the “newly democratic”, “peaceful”, “stable” Iraq which we have all spent so much money and spilled so much blood to “liberate”.

  3. theradicalmormon says:

    Interesting that the dates coincide like that. However, I think the reporting on the statue toppling thing 5 years ago was no small feat of propaganda.


    I’m sure he will not be dealt with kindly. What a small thing to do, but what massively symbolic resonance this act has. I hope that this act will stand out in history as a token of Iraqi “gratitude” to Bush for the war and misery he brought to their land.

  4. Ron Madson says:

    “Cost of Air Force One and Entourage air flight to Iraq” : $2.5 million

    “Cost of staff to create ‘legacy’ talking points”: $127,000

    “Cost of photo op purchases in the Green Zone”: $65


  5. andeeroo says:

    Hey, Rad;
    What about the loafers Bush had the SS buy for the journalist?

    Consider the alternatives al-Zaidi passed up


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