The Israeli massacre continues.


December 30, 2008 by theradicalmormon

I am utterly horrified by the horrific act of violence being played out currently by Israel’s government upon the people of Gaza.  Israel claims that they are doing this to bring about peace and quiet for the inhabitants of southern Israel.  There is no chance that this action is going to reach the desired result.  The Palestinian people will surely not be beaten into submission.

There are apparently now 350 people killed and 1500 injured as bombing is occurring in the middle of residential neighborhoods.  Keep in mind, this is occuring in a land which has been deprived of medical supplies, food and energy due mainly to the Israeli closure of border crossings.  The 9 hospitals of Gaza are overwhelmed and the injured are being treated in doctors homes among other places.  Little children are being killed and injured.

The world is, for the most part, either deploring or condemning Israel’s actions with variable degrees of harsh language for Hamas as well.,2933,473664,00.html

The US, Germany, UK and Australia at least are laying the entire blame for the deaths of Gazans upon Hamas’s shoulders.  It is so disconnected from reality to hear Condi Rice say that Hamas is entirely to blame. 

Many news organizations can’t help but to report on the fact that oil prices are going up because of the violence in Palestine.

If you are at all opposed to Israel’s murders you can do something good by signing the letter available at JustForeignPolicy:

Condi Rice is keeping Obama apprised of the Gaza situation and Obama is keeping completely silent on the situation.  The Bush administration refuses to call for an immediate cessation of violence, somewhat reminiscent of the US policy toward Israel’s attack on Southern Lebanon 2 years ago.

In the meantime, 7000 Iranian students have signed up to fight against Israel to protect Gaza.

In Iraq, the brutal Israeli actions are uniting Sunni and Shia in condemnation.  Surely Iraqi know something of what Gazans are experiencing since they received similar treatment from the US.

Horrible eye-witness accounts pour in from Gaza:

And the US, of course, has used its’ veto power to stop any meaningful statements from coming out of the UN:

2 thoughts on “The Israeli massacre continues.

  1. Grégoire says:

    Thanks for posting this, RM.

    Bloody disgusting, but in a strange way it might be hopeful too. We are living in a pre-revolutionary era, and the excesses of the oligarchy right now reveal both the desperation and futility of the status-quo. It’ll get worse before it gets better, as Lenin was wont to say…or at least he said something like that. Better gets nearer with bad news.

  2. theradicalmormon says:

    You bring up an interesting principle here. Yes, it is true that things must often times hit rock-bottom before there is any real chance for change. I suppose that’s what Jefferson was thinking of when he said we need to have a revolution in the USA every 20 years. Hopefully the bottom is not too far away in the middle-east.

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