Israel kills Gaza’s civilian population mercilessly.


January 6, 2009 by theradicalmormon

Israel continues it’s bloodthirsty massacre. The reports continue to pour in. This one from ABC News:

I have seen whole families being killed. Five sisters killed in Jabaliya, when their house was hit by a missile. & Their bodies being pulled out from under the rubble, all holding on to each other. I know another family that fled their home near the Gaza airport worried about their safety. They were killed yesterday while making their way to a relative’s home. Nowhere is safe in the Gaza Strip.

On Monday, the 29th of December, three boys were killed in their home in Rafah by a missile. They were 4, 12, and 13 years old. We met their sister, who was injured and in a state of shock. Their mother was seriously injured, their father was injured as well. There are so many stories like this.

In Al-Garara village near Khan Younis, three children were killed, a 11-year-old girl and two 9-year-old boys. They were hit by a missile from an unmanned aircraft, locally known as drones. We see them flying over constantly, monitoring the situation. The uncle of these children told us that one of the boys. & His head was missing.

This is just a handful of the stories here. People are being killed in their homes, in their beds while they are sleeping.

The hospitals are extremely thinly stretched:

Throughout the day, exhausted medics rushed in with the wounded and the bodies of the dead.

Mohammed Salman, 26, a volunteer medic washing blood from the inside of an ambulance, said he had treated people with horrific injuries, including headless children and a woman whose stomach had been torn open.

The woman screamed, “Leave me and save my children,” he said, and burst into tears.

On Monday, 20 children between the ages of 2 and 15 were killed, he said. Since the military offensive began Dec. 27, three Israeli civilians and two soldiers have been killed.

Nurse Ahmad Abdul Salam, 34, red-eyed and smelling of sweat, his clothes stained with blood, said he couldn’t sleep. “When my shift ends, I help my colleagues. These are our brothers and friends who are being harmed,” he said.

That civilians are absolutely not safe in Gaza is beyond question:

The Samouni family knew they were in danger. They had been calling the Red Cross for two days, they said, begging to be taken out of Zeitoun, a poor area in eastern Gaza City that is considered a stronghold of Hamas.

No rescuers came. Instead, Israeli soldiers entered their building late Sunday night and told them to evacuate to another building. They did. But at 6 a.m. on Monday, when a missile fired by an Israeli warplane struck the relatives’ house in which they had taken shelter, there was nowhere to run.

Eleven members of the extended Samouni family were killed and 26 wounded, according to witnesses and hospital officials, with five children age 4 and under among the dead.

Hundreds of members of the clan flooded in to Shifa Hospital, all from Zeitoun, many in shock. Masouda al-Samouni, 20, lost her mother-in-law, her husband and her 10-month-old son. She said she had been preparing food for the baby when the missile struck. “He died hungry,” she said.

I don’t know what it is with the mayors of major US cities, but as we saw yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg of New York City expressed his solidarity with Israel’s murders. Now, today, not to be outdone, the mayor of Los Angeles has done the same:

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is scheduled to speak this afternoon with Jewish community leaders and Israeli officials to express his support for Israel’s incursion into the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

Villaraigosa will say that Israel has the right to defend itself from rockets fired by members of Hamas into the Jewish state, officials said. Details on where the speakers will meet and who will be there will be released soon, the mayor’s office said.

Of course, it is in line with official US policy to express solidarity with Israel. We learn from Ron Paul, that Cheney’s assertions of not giving Israel the green light are probably meaningless:

Congressman Paul said that even though Israel has carried out the invasion of Gaza, “the United States will be blamed for it.”

“Israel depends on us; they depend on us economically, they depend on us for their military power and all their weapons and they really got a green light from our administration,” he explained.

Paul’s comment comes after US vice president Dick Cheney said Israel did not seek Washington’s approval for launching an offensive against Gaza.

“They didn’t seek clearance or approval from us, certainly,” Cheney said Sunday.

Earlier on Saturday, the Israeli website Debkafile cited sources in Washington as saying that US President George W. Bush had given a green light to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for an all-out military operation in Gaza.

The GOP congressman also warned in July, that any Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities would take place with the explicit backing of the US government.

Paul told Press TV that, “No matter what they do, it is our money, it is our weapons, and they are not going to do it without us approving it.”

Another small detail here is the fact that apparently there are 70,000 Iranian students signed up to defend Gaza is their government will allow them:

More than 70,000 Iranian students have volunteered to carry out suicide bombings against Israel, Iran’s state news agency reported Monday, but President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has not responded to their request for permission.


One thought on “Israel kills Gaza’s civilian population mercilessly.

  1. navedz says:

    Deeply saddening. This is unhuman act. Israel’s cruelty should be condemned and not tolerated any further.

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