Mormon “Cheerleaders” for Israeli tanks


January 14, 2009 by Ron Madson

On October 6, 1973 I was in the LTM (Language Training Mission) learning French to be able to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the heathen/secular French and Swiss.  While watching general conference the broadcast was interrupted by news flashes of the Israeli conflict.  Every report of Israeli army success was greeted by our loud cheer.  “We” are winning!  Our brothers are killing the bad guys and God is on “our” side.  That was then.    When did we as Mormons collectively take sides?  Where did this affinity come from?   Does this unbridled allegiance remain today?  The last question is the easiest—Mormons as a whole remain partisan cheerleaders for Israeli tanks, planes and bullets.  Any Mormon checking this “mormon” worker blog site should wonder: “Is this “mormon” worker site that seeks to tether its’ opinions to “mormon” theology really arguing in every post that it is the Israelis and not the Palestinians aka Philistines that are the aggressors?   How did this group of mostly mormons come to such a antithetical position?  I can only speak for myself This is not the place to engage in a thorough review of all scriptures and church history, but by way of  a very brief review our allegiance to Israel is founded in a prophetic recognition that God foresaw the gathering of Israel and their return anciently (Isaiah 11: 11, 12 & Ezekiel 37: 21, 22).  They did return from their  Babylonian captivity as promised.  And prophecies abound that after being scattered they will return again and Christ will come visit them a second time.  But what does this pattern mean to them and us and how does a disciple of Jesus Christ interpret this pattern? This is how I see it.   Israel physically returned from  Babylonian captivity.  Their nation was founded.  Having rejected the prophets to varying degrees the Son of God himself visits his people with an invitation.  He tells them the message they could not see or hear from the prophets.  He tells them to tear down all walls of hate, succor your enemy (Samaritan), love your enemies, do good even to the Roman, do not judge nor condemn the sinner, turn the other cheek, and “resist not evil.”  He tells them what the Kingdom of God on earth would look like on the earth.  He invites them to reject all their made up war narratives and all their prejudices of all mankind.    With few exceptions what do they do?  They reject their Savior.  Then the Son of Man says something very revealing “how oft I would have gathered you..but you would not.”  What?  You mean they are not yet gathered?  No.   The gathering the Son of Man sought for Israel did not occur even though they were all physically on the the promised mound of dirt.   He was speaking of another gathering–but they did not have eyes to see or ears to hear.  So what did the inhabitants of Israel do?  They rejected Christ, fought their enemies and took up arms to slay their enemies.  And so the temple is destroyed and they are scattered. Now two millennia latter they are physically gathered.  But here is the question.  Have they torn down the walls of hate or built walls of division?  Do they love their neighbor?  Do they do pray for and bless their enemies?  Have they accepted Christ and His teachings?  Do they succor the wounded half-breed Samaritans to do they tear down their houses, cut off their food, water, employment and the dignities of life?  Do they return evil for evil?  Do they still chose the law of vengeance? Now the pattern repeats itself.  Christ will return after Israel brings down the curtain on themselves and two-thirds will be destroyed.  And when he returns the message will finally be understood by those that remain (DC 45: 51-53) when they finally  realize that they have once again rejected their Savior. So what do I cheer now?  I cheer the “refusniks” in the Israeli army that plead for no more occupation and no more acts of violence against the Gazans.  I cheer the growing voices in Israel that hear the cries and see the pain of the “samaritan.”  I cheer those that seek to tear down the walls between their brothers both literally and spiritually.  I will never cheer another tank, plane or bullet. So what is the “gathering”?  When will Israel return?  John the Baptist knew that God can make of these “stones” (gentiles or whomever) of the children of Israel.   Israel returns and is gathered when Israel accepts Christ in word and deed.  Until then they or us are simply savage tribes killing anyone that touches their mound of dirt.   I will save for a much more lengthy article  the scriptures referring to the gathering and “returning” of Israel and how repeatedly  this qualifier often follows the promised gathering of Israel:

68 And it shall come to pass among the wicked, that every man that will not take his sword against his aneighbor must needs flee unto bZion for safety.

  69 And there shall be agathered unto it out of every bnation under heaven; and it shall be the only people that shall not be at cwar one with another. (see DC 109:60-69)
I refuse to cheer or support any violence of any sort, Hamas or self proclaimed zionist.  The more I read the more I am convinced that Israel is sowing the seeds of its own Armageddon and that only people that will have had eyes to see and ears to hear will be gathered out.   How long can the blood descendants of Israel reject the words and invitation of their Savior before bringing the wrath of their self-created enemies upon themselves?  When will Israel repent even if their enemies do not?  If we love Israel we would add our voice to the growing voices within their own ranks pleading that they repent from the great evil they are inflicting  upon their neighbors rather then enable their sowing the seeds of their own destruction.
The Return of the Sons of Israel to the promised land has not occurred and will not occur until they accept Christ and His teachings and commandments to love their neighbor.   There is no other way.

3 thoughts on “Mormon “Cheerleaders” for Israeli tanks

  1. theradicalmormon says:

    Wow Ron. This is great. You have summed this up very well, and this sounds like gospel to me. I have nothing to add except for a hearty Amen.

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