Israeli Terrorism


January 19, 2009 by The Mormon Worker

Two days ago, Dan Shiftan, Head of the National Security Studies Center at the University of Haifa approvingly elaborated Israeli strategy implemented during the war on Gaza:

“The war in Gaza was aimed at preventing the entrenchment of the
perception that the rocket resistance in conjunction with Islamic
zealotry is the ultimate weapon Israel cannot cope with. Yet we can and should prove that even though Israel has no operative solution for it, it does possess a strategic response to this challenge. The strategic response is political willingness (in addition to military capabilities) to sow disproportional destruction and hurt the assets that are dear to those who  fire rockets at Israeli population centers.
The main objective is not to hit the last rocket, but rather, to enforce
a fundamental change in the Muqawma’s [Hamas’] cost-benefit equation by dramatically raising the cost.”,7340,L-3657621,00.html

In other words, since Israel has no military capability (operative
solution) for stopping rocket attacks, its strategy must be to kill a
lot of Palestinians and destroy civilian infrastucture in order to make
the cost of Palestinian resistance to the Israeli occupation of the West
Bank/seige of Gaza too high for the Hamas leadership, not to mention the civilian population, to bear . As badger points out in his missing link
blog, this strategy is identical to the one used by Al-Qaeda to justify
attacks on American civilians.

Al-Jazeera Arabic summarizes the cost as follows today: “The corpses of 15 children and women were pulled from the wreckage of the homes destroyed during the Israeli assault on Gaza. This comes after a day when 100 corpses were pulled from under debris in different places in Gaza after a brief period from the beginning of the unilateral cease fire declared by Israel. With that, the number of dead Palestinians reached 1300, among them 410 children (32%), 104 women (8%), while the number of injured reached 5340, among them 1855 children (35%), and 795 women (15%).

2 thoughts on “Israeli Terrorism

  1. Grégoire says:

    There is a concept called jus ad bellum which enjoined warmakers to be proportional in every response.

    Interesting to note that the Israeli government has scrapped thousands of years of mores and values pertaining to civilization in favor of revenge.

    I don’t think peace will ever be permanent until the working people of Israel and Palestine get together and throw out all the corrupt lackeys who have been in charge (of both Palestine and Israel) for the last fifty years. They need a democratic/socialist government which has the courage to say no to western business interests in favor of the interests of the people they are supposedly elected to serve. Oslo is the best example of nonsense, smoke and mirrors.

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