Rep Kanjorski (PA) On The “Electronic Run” On The Financial System


March 3, 2009 by Gsmith

A very interesting and revealing interview for anyone who pays close attention.


2 thoughts on “Rep Kanjorski (PA) On The “Electronic Run” On The Financial System

  1. J. Madson says:


    i saw this and was wondering 1) if its accurate 2) if so, who would have transferred that huge amount of money that fast? It sounds coordinated. Soros?

  2. Grégoire says:

    I believe he’s telling the truth, but I think it’s farfetched to imagine one single individual is responsible.

    The ruling class — by that I don’t mean the millionaire plastic surgeon on the hill, but the real wealthy people of this country — are a very small group. They’re an inbred lot which wastes time at the same country clubs and belong to the same pseudo-satanic frat houses (the kooky dungeon skull and bones is one example). They get drunk and debauch each other’s spouses at all the same gatherings (bohemian grove, etc.) They’re all constantly in contact and rubbing shoulders.

    One of them pulls his money out, and the others notice within minutes and start pulling theirs out too. None of them want to be left holding worthless investments (and for that matter, currency also). They leave the losses to us — working people who carry them on our backs.

    What I think is that this even frightened the idle rich a little bit. It’s one thing to pull your money out of North America and move it to Europe, but Europe started sliding too. That’s when they called their lackeys and muppets at the Federal Reserve (their own printing press) and the U.S. Congress (almost entirely bought and paid for) and arranged a bailout. They’d have had nowhere to store their wealth.

    I’m not much for conspiracy theories; but by definition a conspiracy is hidden, and I found it interesting that the good congressman slipped up and revealed that there is some sort of implicit code of silence around this scenario. I’m guessing that the corporate press will soon tarnish this fellow’s reputation if he keeps talking this way.

    Too bad Cynthia McKinney didn’t make it to the White House.

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