Anti-War Leaders In Live Webcast Tonight

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March 5, 2009 by Gsmith

Mormon Workers and friends in NYC, Berkeley and Seattle are all invited to local protests on the 19th. Read on for more details…

What is the responsibility of the anti-war movement as the occupation of Iraq continues into a 7th year? And as the first wave of 30,000 additional troops is sent to Afghanistan?
Tonight, hear Fr. Luis Barrios, Elaine Brower, and myself, with Debra Sweet moderating.

LIVE web-cast:
Thursday March 5 6:40 EST
Afterward, the footage will be available on

Matthis Chiroux.
Matthis is an Iraq/Afghanistan war veteran, honorably discharged after 5 years in the army. But he received forced reactivation orders for Iraq, and has publicly refused those orders. Thus, he is now a military resister.

Elaine Brower.
Elaine is a leader of World Can’t Wait and outspoken activist against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Her son is currently stationed in Iraq. “It’s Not OK.”

Fr. Luis Barrios.
Luis is an Episcopal Priest and Chair of the Department of Latin American and Latina/o Studies at John Jay College. On Monday, he will report for a 2 months sentence in federal prison for civil disobedience to Shut Down the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia last November.

Afterward, in New York, we’ll be planning the protests for Thursday March 19. Join us at Community Church, 40 E 35th Street bet/Park & Madison in NYC. 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

Come OUT to the first national protest of the wars under President Obama. Protest on the 6th Anniversary of the Iraq War
Thursday March 19 is the 6th anniversary of the US “shock & awe” assault on Iraq which led to the illegitimate, unjust, immoral occupation, killed a million people and destroyed a country.
While tens of thousands of US troops will still be there – now to be called “advisors” instead of combat troops – Barack Obama is surging 20,000 more troops into Afghanistan as part of the war OF terror on the people. He will continue un-manned “drone” attacks on Pakistan, and secret “rendition” of anyone the president deems a threat.

THIS MUST END! Help bring people into the streets in NYC on March 19. Students, religious groups, and everyone who cares about humanity. This is part of nationwide actions on March 19th against occupations and torture for empire.

NEW YORK: 1:00 PM Union Square, 14th and Broadway
RALLY, MUSIC (Rebel Diaz and more TBA) and then MARCH.
5:00 PM Converge @ Times Square Recruitment Center, 43rd & Broadway. 866-973-4463

BERKELEY CA: 3:00PM Rally at MLK Jr. Memorial Park MLK Jr. Way at Allston (next to Berkeley High School) 4:00PM march steps off Youth: join the “We Are Not Your Soldiers!” Contingent All anti-war groups, organizations, people of all ages welcome! To endorse and to get involved, contact 415-864-5153 or

SEATTLE WA: 12:00 PM. Meet at the army recruiting station at 23rd Ave and S Jackson St in the Central District.

Find More events at
We are urging people to march on the Pentagon Saturday March 21.


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