Sam Webb (CPUSA) on Glen Beck


March 15, 2009 by Gsmith

Glen Beck (rumored to be a convert to Mormonism) is a radical right-wing talk show host on FOX News. He has repeatedly expressed the absurd opinion that President Barack Obama is a Communist.

Beck had an interesting conversation with Sam Webb (the curmudgeonly head of the U.S. Communist Party) on his television program which I found humorous.

Beck obviously had the old geezer on in an attempt to humiliate him; but in fact he made an absolute fool of himself. He refused to allow his guest to answer any questions, several times began shouting and repeatedly refused to address the subjects that he, himself, brought up.

It was established eventually that Barack Obama is not a Communist. He seems like a nice enough guy but he’s a puppet of the ruling class and he’s been installed to maintain the status quo.


3 thoughts on “Sam Webb (CPUSA) on Glen Beck

  1. Stephen Wellington says:

    Glenn Beck can be such a demagogue with his ideals based so far from reality that his solutions are laughable.

  2. Lorraine says:

    Dude’s a pinhead as far as I am concerned. Not too much going on upstairs.

  3. Nolan Converse says:

    As far as I’m concerned Glenn Beck is equal to an ostrich whose head is emerged in sand and refuses to see what is actually happening.

    He is an idiot to many, including myself. It is not my fault that people cannot see the full potential of communism. You judge it purely based on what you’ve heard.

    If you would have done your research you’d see that the communism party is among the highest growing parties in the USA since the Bush administration. So to all the GOP reading this, I guess if you would have not picked such a horrible leader we wouldn’t be in this economic crisis. Way to go once again, republicans.

    (Nice job Mormons, it is spelled Glenn Beck, not Glen.)

    -Communist Nolan Converse

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