Employee Free Choice Act Deserves our Support


March 24, 2009 by Jason Brown

The Employee Free Choice Act is one of the laws that the new administration could pass very soon which would empower workers to form unions more easily. Several large corporations such as Walmart, Mcdonalds, and Starbucks have begun to mobalize against it. Watch this hilarious video,


and then consider organizing an event next week during the Student Labor Week of Action: http://www.jwj.org/projects/slap/week/index.html 

Or contact a local union about activities in your area or call your senator or represenative and tell him or her to support the Act.

Good Luck!


4 thoughts on “Employee Free Choice Act Deserves our Support

  1. The proposed legislation eliminates the secret ballot in unionization measures. It only makes unionization “easier” because it makes voting without threat of intimidation harder. Oppose it.

  2. fishstilldie says:

    Charles, I have been reading a lot about this issue of late and while the act is not a cure-all I think it is a first and necessary step in reinvigorating the labor movement in the US. While the measure may eliminate the secret ballot—which on the surface seems counter-democratic—the majority sign up method has been used by work places for years, but under current law only a secret ballot is legally binding. A recent article by Gordon Lafer shows that equating union process with electoral politics is a folly, and while opponents argue that a majority card sign allows for union leader coercion, the question comes down to who has control over this process. In most cases this means the employer, who is clearly the most coercive force in the work place, not fellow workers of organizers.

  3. sharpmama says:

    A friend in Salt Lake sent me a link to your site. As someone who was born and raised LDS in California, I found your site extremely… interesting. More on that as I explore the site more. With most of my family in Utah, I continue to have a visceral connection to the state even as I long ago left the church.

    I cannot help but comment on the Employee Free Choice Act and what appears to be an incredible level of naivete from Charles (above) and perhaps many more who read your blogs.

    Perhaps Charles:

    1) Has never seen what an enormous difference being a member of a strong union makes in the lives of us ordinary working people; or

    2) Is simply a shill for America’s corporate big wigs, whether through the Chamber of Commerce, industry trade organizations or right wing think tanks like the American Enterprise Institute or Heritage Foundation.

    None of the organizations lined up against this act have the ordinary worker’s welfare, working conditions or right to organize or join a union in mind. In fact, they have no concern for the rights of workers to organize at all. They really raise a nonexistent shibboleth: that union organizers will intimidate them. It is truly the opposite. It is the corporation which obfuscates, delays and intimidates workers who now must go through the NLRB to try to hold an “election.” Every obstacle delays elections and has made it nearly impossible to actually hold one.

    What corporations really want, is to protect their ability to wring as much as they can from workers in their employ; to continue to drive down wages, working conditions, to demonize and ultimately destroy the labor movement altogether.

    Unfortunately, they’ve done a pretty good job of it over the last 30 years.

    I find it telling that, for all their defense of the wall-streeters supposedly inviolable contracts, the contracts covering UAW employees and retirees are constantly held up as something not worth honoring.

    If you truly consider yourself ANY kind of progressive or liberal (whether you are an intellectual/academic or an ordinary working person who lives check to check), please take a look at the AFL-CIO’s arguments, which are powerful:


    You know the old saying: justice delayed is justice denied? It could just as well be describing the difficulty of actually getting a union election carried out.

  4. jjoshuajj21 says:

    Walmart will be the first one to test the Free-Choice-Act, and they will loose >>> http://worldresarchnews.wordpress.com/ <<<<<

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