What Really Motivates Christian Zionism


March 25, 2009 by Gsmith

Christian Zionists envision a world in which Christ returns only after a long period of war and bloodletting in the middle east. Some of the Christian Zionists in this interview openly suggest that Islam may be a form of Satanism, and go on to say they look forward to a war of extermination.

Watch aghast as the rotund Texas Pastor John Hagee receives a standing ovation — when he calls for an unprovoked American nuclear attack on Iran. Personally, I don’t think this is what Jesus had in mind.

Also note Tom Delay, Joseph Lieberman and other political dignitaries (from both U.S.A. and Israel) at the convention lending their own personal support and endorsement to these bizarre (and disastrous) ideas.


One thought on “What Really Motivates Christian Zionism

  1. J. Madson says:


    thanks for sharing this. this is about anti (against or in opposition) Christ as you can get in my mind. This is a sick and perverse mindset. Its also unfortunately pretty common in many Christian circles. Its this eschatology and belief that somehow there will be Deus Ex Machina of sorts that will solve the worlds problems that leads to many faiths ignoring present social injustice and allows them to rape and pillage each other and the earth.

    The idea that God will choose a specific subset of people as the grand cosmic winners while the rest of the losers get burned, killed, and go to hell is pretty abhorrent in my view. And of course we know who those winners are based upon some pretty shallow morality that extends circles of individual charity and kindness to the few and near while endorsing and/or ignoring economic, social, and military injustices of the highest degree.

    There is a lot of straining at gnats and the individual “sins” of personal morality while the camel of violence, poverty, tribalism, and other evils is swallowed whole.

    To state that the anti-Christ is a man of peace implies, in turn that the God or Christ of these people is a man of war. Cheering for pre-emptive nuclear attacks of Iran or any nation? Yes, lets sacrifice more lives to our false Gods and idols.

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