Palestinian Baby Pays Price For Israeli Aggression


May 14, 2009 by Gsmith

This is surely the most horrible thing I have ever posted here.

Watch at your own risk.


5 thoughts on “Palestinian Baby Pays Price For Israeli Aggression

  1. Tod Robbins says:

    Very shocking. I posted this on one of my blogs.

  2. theradicalmormon says:

    The little boy will go back to that God who gave him life. But, the Israeli government who blocked his treatment and the US government who supports Israel in every possible way in it’s murders… all individuals whose souls are corroding, many of them lost completely in the blood of the humble and beautiful children of the earth like this boy, or like the 93 children killed by the US army in Afghanistan the other day. God have mercy on their souls.

  3. Forest Simmons says:

    Vets are committing suicide in record numbers as they realize the enormity of the evil they have been led into. My heart goes out to them as they approach that state of despair.

    I wish that they could hear the story of King Lamoni, and the other (self described)murderous Lamanites that repented nigh unto death. They felt it was all they could do to get a remission of their sins. Not wanting to risk another offense, they buried their weapons and put themselves at the mercy of their attackers.

    Many other Lamanites repented because of their example. But none of the Nephites who had stirred them up to violence repented.

    So today, Bush, Cheney, et. al. have not expressed any compunction about their crimes.

    But among the foot soldiers there are many refuseniks and “Winter Soldiers” who have confessed bitter regret for their past participation in murderous military maneuvers.

  4. Grégoire says:

    Hey Forest,

    On the off chance you’ve yet to see the film *Reserved To Fight*…

    Catch it. It should be available through your local library. It was produced and shot in Utah, and it contains some pretty heart-wrenching tales of young people returning from combat to face a lifetime of chronic mental illness, ruined relationships and alcohol/drug abuse.

    It’s really a tragedy that we allow the best and brightest to be so needlessly wasted this way, but that’s capitalism…

  5. Forest Simmons says:

    Thanks, Grégoire, I’ll check it out.

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