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June 16, 2009 by Jason Brown

Hey folks,

As you all may know, The Mormon Worker Started as a small newspaper/journal. The print edition is still an essential part of the Mormon Worker Collective because it allows us to publish more in depth articles and to collaborate in creating something beautiful. As you may know, printing several hundred copies of the MW is not cheap. In the past the burden has been shouldered by a single member of the collective. It is my opinion that this is not fair. So in order to better spread the financial burden of the Print Edition, and to establish a deeper connection to our readers and contributors we are going to begin asking for donations to help cover the costs of the Print Edition. Any extra funds will simply be invested in keeping up the website, or put into the following edition.

To print a single edition of the MW takes countless hours of recruiting quality articles, editing and aproximately $1,000.

Please consider donating your time and talents to the Mormon Worker! This could include financial resources, editing time, seeking out classical or relevant articles for publication, contributing original material or art work (especially art work!), or finding permanent distributors of the paper (like independent bookstores in your town).

We are in the final stages of editing the next MW edition, so please consider donating by sending money through our paypal account at or directly to:  

William Van Wagenen
140 West Oak Circle
Woodland Hills, UT 84653

In solidarity,

Jason M. Brown


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