The Situation in Iran

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June 20, 2009 by Gsmith

I dont fully understand what is going on in Iran but I have to admire the courage of those who believe they are seeking a better Iran…

The demonstrations going on now were the result of alleged election fraud. The Western press is giving a very one-dimensional analysis of the conflict on the ground, suggesting that the mishandled election is the motivation behind revolutionary praxis.

During the 1979 revolution, several movements worked together to overthrow the American puppet government. Khomeini and his gang were only part of the resistance. The other two major players were the Irani People’s Mujahidin – a very strange, feminist/marxist group which in some ways resembles a religious cult, and the Worker Communist Party of Iran, which had a famous spokesman named Mansoor Hekmat.

I met several Hekmatist Communists (for lack of a better term) at the University of Utah and Salt Lake Community College during my failed, abortive attempt at making a life in Salt Lake City, between fall quarter 1989 and roughly the end of 1992 when I dropped out and left Utah for good. During my time there they had regular meetings and got together and I hung around with them. In the early days of the revolution they had come to power, but Khomeini’s gang had consolidated and had a bunch of them arrested. Most fled the country for places like Utah.

The WPI were independent socialist/communists who did not kiss the ass of the USSR or China, so when they were suppressed they got very little international support. They didn’t even join the non-aligned movement at the time. Their goal was a completely internal revolution which they aimed to result in a secular, socialist, democratic government which would have been similar in many abstract ways to the United States.

The so-called reform candidate Mousavi is a part of the establishment and in recent days he has tried to both appease the protests (that were started in his name) and cool things off. He is part of the establishment and he wants the establishment to survive. What you’re seeing today is partly the WPI acting as the vanguard for his disenchanted supporters who now largely realize that he has sold them out.

Thanks to my friends Nicolas, Saeed, Ali and Nasser for the background and some of the photos.

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