Nicolas Dessaux on Iran & the WPI


June 22, 2009 by Gsmith

wpiThe Western press has been goaded into covering the revolutionary movement in the IRI; but it is doing so in a self-serving way, concentrating merely on the supporters of Mir-Hossein Mousavi. In fact, there are several allied movements taking part in liberating Iran. One of the most popular has been suppressed for the last thirty years.

Joining us is Nicolas Dessaux, a European associate of the Worker-communist party of Iran. It was kind of him to give The Mormon Worker some information in English and I appreciate it.

Can you describe what the WPI is doing on the ground in Iran?

I’d like to be able to answer clearly such a question, because it would mean political activity and communications would be free in Iran. There are activists and cadres of the worker-communist party of Iran actives in the movement, but still very few informations have spread in English about their activities. New Channel, the satelite TV of the WPI, gives some news about their activities, but remains general enough to not endanger them. This use of medias have been a longtime practice of worker-communists, as they did broadcasts clandestine radios fore years before, using this mean to get in contact with autonomous cells active inside of Iran, as a way to get them active without direct contacts – or security reasons.

The situation must be understood clearly : the demonstration and riots provides a climate of freedom of speech, but we still face a struggle between two factions of the Islamic regime. Being a communist activist in Iran could lead you to jail and death . Even if supporters of Mousavi claims they call for freedom of political prisonners, the fact Mousavi himself was prime minister of Iran when, in 1988, thausends of political prisonners were killed by the regime, is not a fact which make them very trustable. The freedom of speech, organisation and opinion is still to be win in Iran, and nothing ensures Mousavi would ever support it if he would ever achieve power.

Authorities knows and recognize communists are still active inside of Iran, as an official paper titled a few weeks ago : “the specter of Lenin haunts Iran”. It is obvious that left ideas are widespread among the students and workers movement, as their demands are also those of the worker-communists.

Another organisation, the Worker-communism Unity Party, which separated from the WPI a few years ago, provided more informations about the places and streets they distributed leaflets in Tehran, as well as in Sanandaj, the capital of Kurdistan. These leaflest called for the overthrow of the Islamic regime, the freedom for jailed workers leaders, and asked women to remove their veils. The last one was signed by Azar Majedi. This need courage to leaflet this kind of material in Iran, while the situation can still evolve in any direction.

Is it common for Moussavi supporters right now to feel betrayed?

Mousavi behaviour has been undecided, and even if he claims he agrees to suffer maryrdom, he still respect the institutionnal frame of the Islamic regime, which he’s a full product. During the first days, he did call people to go to demonstration, then to stay home, then going himself to the demonstration, and so on. Now, he seems conscious he can’t discard the demonstrations and must provides some signs he heared the demands of his supporters. But he seems to be the first surprised of what happened.

It must be remembered the supporters of Mousavi are not a united block. There are activists of his campaign, and parts of the regime, who supports him as an alternative to Ahmadinejad. And most people who voted for him to discard Ahmadinejad – this is very different. This part of his supporters don’t care about what Mosuavi realy stand for, but want to give up with the islamic regime. If you look carefully the pictures of the demsontrations, you’ll see the Mousavi’s green is not so common, even if photographers put emphases on green as an iconic sign of the movement. Slogans are not “support to Mousavi”, but “down the dictator”, “death to Khamenei” (the “supreme leader”, who threatened the crowd of bloodbath), and in some demonstrations, as well as in the student movement, ‘down with the islmaic republic”.

The main difference between Mosuavi and Ahmadinejad is not about the islamic regime, because both are pillars of this regime, but about the situation of Iran within global economy. Ahmadinejad wants to enforces economical relationship with third-world countries like Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, and with Russia and China, under the banner of anti-americanism. Mousavi supports better relationship with USA and integration of Iran in the bigger powers circle. That’s the real content of their divergence. But for demonstrators, this is a very different matter : they want freedom and equality – and this means the overthrow of the Islamic republic, which has been grounded on oppression and inequality bewteen men and women. The question is now: how the movement can put these demands forward. This is the point where international solidarity to the left movement in Iran wil be decisive, as they will need all our support to be abble to achieve the people’s demands, rather than continue the islamic regime under another visage.

Thanks so much Comrade Nicolas.

More information can be found at:
Worker-communist Party of Iran
Irani Worker-communisty Unity Party
Just for fun I put Mansoor Hekmat’s great manifesto *A Better World* up on my blog. Read the whole thing here:

The rest of you facebook zombies can also visit:;;;;

I hope this has been helpful.


One thought on “Nicolas Dessaux on Iran & the WPI

  1. J. Madson says:

    Looks like the govt in Iran is admitting now their is some fraud but not how much

    Iran’s Guardian Council has admitted that the number of votes collected in 50 cities surpass the number of those eligible to cast ballot in those areas.

    The council’s Spokesman Abbas-Ali Kadkhodaei, who was speaking on the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) Channel 2 on Sunday, made the remarks in response to complaints filed by Mohsen Rezaei — a defeated candidate in the June 12 Presidential election.

    “Statistics provided by Mohsen Rezaei in which he claims more than 100% of those eligible have cast their ballot in 170 cities are not accurate — the incident has happened in only 50 cities,” Kadkhodaei said.

    The spokesman, however, said that although the vote tally affected by such an irregularity is over 3 million, “it has yet to be determined whether the amount is decisive in the election results,” reported Khabaronline.

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