Boycott Nokia & Siemens


June 25, 2009 by Gsmith

header-nokiaAccording to the Wall Street Journal, a joint venture between mobile phone companies Nokia and Siemens built a “monitoring centre” within the Iranian government’s telecom monopoly enabling authorities to inspect and intercept Web traffic.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article reported that Nokia-Siemens’ system uses “deep packet inspection” technology, which allows cyberpolice to open packets of information sent online to censor or supervise Web users. The respected US broadsheet quoted a Nokia-Siemens spokesman as confirming that the company provided this technology, adding that “if you sell networks, you also, intrinsically, sell the capability to intercept any communication that runs over them”.

The Wall Street Journal article was cited by dozens of US media outlets, and has begun making waves on social networking websites. Several groups on Facebook have begun calling for a Nokia and Siemens product boycott.

Much more at France 24


2 thoughts on “Boycott Nokia & Siemens

  1. The campaign to boycott Nokia is already up: or

  2. theradicalmormon says:

    This is what we call a secret combination in mormonese.

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