The Tehran Commune & The General Strike


June 25, 2009 by Gsmith

01 fascist copsPhotos from a variety of sources, courtesy of our friend and honorary Mormon Worker Saeed Valadbaygi, who is currently in hiding from the fascist basiji militia in the so-called Islamic Republic. He sends his greetings to all our friends in the People’s Republic of Deseret, as I do.

03 fascist police

02 gas attack

08 gas attack

04 the tehran commune

05 The Tehran Commune

07 the tehran commune

10 roadblock in flames

11 fascist police

09 gas attack

06 mourning dead friends

It’s understood that many people in society will not actively join a revolutionary movement, at least at first. Capital fragments the intellectuals, the petit-bourgeoisie, the peasant small farmers and the revolutionary minority among the affluent. These people have much to lose and more to fear.

The best thing that the other classes can do for the revolutionary working class, as it struggles for the liberation of all the peoples of society, is to close their shops and bring commerce to a standstill. The first day of the organized general strike was yesterday, 24 June. It was an amazing show of support for the demonstrators, as all of Tehran shut their doors and windows in a mass protest of the violence and repression all around them.

12 general strike 1

13 general strike 2

14 general strike 3

15 general strike 4

16 general strike 5

17 general strike 6


One thought on “The Tehran Commune & The General Strike

  1. Hi Gregoire thanks for the amazing photos and coverage. Seems we’re witnessing a revolution.

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