The LDS Left Newsletter is now available


July 10, 2009 by The Mormon Worker

A group called The LDS Left (which I believe exists primarily as a facebook group) has released their first newsletter. It is a PDF with various articles from a liberal/left LDS perspective. I haven’t read the whole thing yet but the parts I read were pretty good. It apparently can’t be accessed online anywhere, but if you’d like to read it, send an email to: and they’ll send it to you via email.


One thought on “The LDS Left Newsletter is now available

  1. Grégoire says:

    Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed reading through the magazine.

    This is not a *revolutionary* sort of publication like y’all have with The Mormon Worker. These are noncom Mormon leftish types and their ideas are pretty similar to those you find in a magazine like The Nation (my favorite magazine, btw).

    It’s a minor point and I don’t bring it up to bash them. I think liberals serve a decent purpose, simply as a stepping stone for the disaffected. Most kids who start reading The Nation eventually start taking The Militant, and so perhaps y’all could wheedle a little bit of ad space in their next PDF if it starts taking off.

    They had a little mention of Elijah Abel in there, which I thought was especially cool.

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