Glenn Beck “Jokes” About Poisoning American Politicians


August 17, 2009 by Gsmith

This video raises several interesting questions.

1. Is Glenn Beck still pretending to be an observant Mormon? If so, why is he drinking wine?

2. Is Glenn Beck still pretending to be a recovering alcoholic? If so, why is he drinking wine?

3. Does anyone actually find it humorous to see Beck allude to poisoning an American politician?

I don’t like Nancy Pelosi. She’s a multimillionaire who lies as much as Beck (Pelosi pretends to be an observant Roman Catholic, on the side of working people, etc.) and I find Beck’s critique of her opulent lifestyle to be marginally relevant. Be that as it may, Beck never speaks about all the money he makes, nor what he does with it. It doesn’t appear that he’s missed any meals or trips to the physician lately.

Has the LDS church abandoned or relaxed its no-alcohol policy? Do they approve of this man’s veiled threats? I wonder if any of the observant readers of this blog could explain this strange behavior to someone who was cast into outer darkness in 1989.

4 thoughts on “Glenn Beck “Jokes” About Poisoning American Politicians

  1. Joseph says:

    I can think of at least one conference talk given in the past couple of years that specifically denounces the kind of irrational “hate-speech” Beck engages in (not mentioning names of course, so the typical faithful Saint can ignore the counsel given in the talk, confident that the general authority was addressing their enemies). If anyone wants, I can try and find the address.

    I too am confused about Beck’s flaunting of his wine-drinking. Even if it’s not alcoholic, it looks a little odd. The “no-alcohol” policy has not been relaxed to my knowledge. Does anyone have a current and reliable source that Beck is claiming to be a faithful Mormon? I know the rumors, and Mormons desperately want to claim him, but I have never had a good feeling about that guy (beyond just my obvious political disagreements).

  2. Grégoire says:

    Hey Joseph:

    This was beginning of 2008 I guess. If he’s abandoned Mormonism since I’ll apologize and partially retract.

    When I was a kid, I spent about half my time in an observant house in Southern Utah. I learned something rather valuable. It was the principle of avoiding the appearance of impropriety.

    I suppose I expect differently from a supposedly devoted convert to Mormonism than drinking wine on camera. Even if it’s non-alcoholic, grape juice, it seems like it meets the *appearance* clause.

    I don’t want to bash anyone’s personal commitment to a belief system; but I see this video as quite similar to some of the speeches George W Bush gave re: Christianity. I don’t think either case had a shred of authenticity nor does either example live the tenets they constantly pay lip service to.

    People convert to religions for many reasons, networking is one. Reading between the lines and ignoring the alligator tears, Beck does seem to allude to a business/financial incentive in his adoption of Mormonism.

    Most of our political leaders seem to pay lip service to religion for reasons of political expediency (the subject of Beck’s critique, Nancy Pelosi certainly does). I see most celebrity types as Protestants, Catholics, Jews and Mormons in name only. They pray in public for reasons of personal advancement, rather than honestly living the ideals inherent in their sacred texts or sacrifice for reasons of conscience.

    I’m not the world’s perfect person and I’ve taken pot-shots at politicians (including Pelosi) many times; but I think rational people should limit themselves to arguing over the issues, rather than joking about doing violence to the person on the other side of the table. It’s disgraceful to talk about poisoning someone when our hero could be making valid points; but Beck is a showman and not to be taken too seriously anyway.

    Still, it’s disgusting. The whole thing.

  3. Joseph says:


    I certainly did not mean to imply that I have insight into Beck’s current “Mormon” status. I do find plenty of sources documenting the fact that Beck is a Mormon convert. Ultimately Beck’s status in his own faith is between him and God (and perhaps his bishop when it comes to participating in LDS Church ordinances). And ultimately I do defend Beck’s freedom of speech (so long as he doesn’t try to carry such things out). His skit might have actually been kind of funny in more able hands. I can’t claim perfection in how I myself have spoken about politicians. But I don’t have a national television show, so there is only so much damage the dumb things I have said have done.

    “…Beck is a showman and not to be taken too seriously…” I completely agree. The scary thing is that way too many people do.

    An interesting clip, anyway. Thanks for sharing. Don’t think I’ll have the stomach to be a regular Glenn Beck viewer any time soon!

  4. Misty Pembridge says:

    Since the video is no longer up, here’s a link to it

    Thanks for your post. I am so sick & tired of hypocrites.

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