Barack Obama: The Collapse of Political Ambition


August 18, 2009 by Gsmith


9 thoughts on “Barack Obama: The Collapse of Political Ambition

  1. Forest Simmons says:

    Rachel Maddow was a big cheer leader for Obama during the campaign. She treated Nader supporters like they were nuts, and pooh-pooed the idea that Obama would turn out to be a corporate lackey. Where’s the mea culpa now?

  2. theradicalmormon says:

    Here’s a good article on why single payer is the best option out there:

  3. Joseph says:

    While do feel discouraged, I am not willing to give up hope completely that some amount of positive health care will occur:

  4. Grégoire says:

    Hey TRM:

    What do you think about a decentralized network of publicly funded medical centres which compete with private hospitals? They had these in Texas until the early 1990s. The one in Bexar County was called Brady-Green. People had babies and MRI tests there for five dollars. The fellow who was instrumental in destroying that system was none other than the wonderful “reformer” Ross Perot.

    Single payer doesn’t really work all that well, because it leaves a profit margin intact. I can debate it with you if you’d like, but we’d just go ’round in circles.

  5. theradicalmormon says:

    How does this network of publicly funded hospitals work? Can you point me to a link with an explanation?

    Single doesn’t work that well at what? It gets rid of the private insurance companies and that’s a big plus.

  6. Grégoire says:

    How does this network of publicly funded hospitals work? Can you point me to a link with an explanation?

    That would be pretty difficult, given that the whole system was dismantled in the 1990s.

    Single doesn’t work that well at what? It gets rid of the private insurance companies and that’s a big plus.

    It replaces the private insurance companies with a crown corporation which screws physicians and causes hospitals to close.

    Many people in the prairie live 2 hours away from a physician now. The same forces that are raising hell at town hall meetings in the U.S. have been working to close hospitals in Canada (and doing a rather swell job of it) to the extent that Ontario is now allowing (de-facto illegal) private cash-up-front clinics to operate outside the system to fill the gap.

    I’m not convinced there is any perfect solution.

  7. Forest Simmons says:

    Everything that doesn’t funnel money from the taxpayers into the pockets of the rich is up for grabs … libraries, public parks, public fire departments, public schools, water, electricity, and other public utilities, public transportation, etc.

    The armed forces are being privatized to fill the coffers of the already fat cat war profiteers.

    So why do we expect the healthcare profiteers to back off in the opposite direction?

    We have many kinds of “wars” and each of them has attracted a large flock of capitalist buzzards, profiteers specializing in that kind of “war.”

    The war on poverty, the war on cancer, the war on heart disease, the war on street drugs, the war on terror, the war on ignorance, the war against aging, etc. the list is endless. It doesn’t matter how wonderful the cause, there are profiteers ready and able to bribe the politicians to funnel the tax payers money into their pockets with the pretext of being the expert warriors that will get the victory, i.e. false saviors, i.e. false christs, i.e. anti-christs.

    “Anti-Christ” means anybody who pretends to save. They can give tons of lip service to Jesus Christ while offering to solve all of your problems by public funding.

    Xe (formerly Blackwater) is supported by tax payer money. All of the war profiteers in all of the different “wars” are publicaly funded.

    As Grégoire has said, public funding isn’t enough. We need to figure out how to keep the public funds out of the hands of the profiteers!

    As Nephi says in chapter 26 of his first book, the laborer in zion must labor for zion, and not for money. Anything else is priestcraft. Priestcraft in its narrow sense is profiteering in the war against sin.

    In linguistics, specific words can be used to represent their generalized meaning. Next time you read something about “priestcraft,” see if it doesn’t apply just as much to any kind of profiteering.

    Doctors that go into medicene to get rich … isn’t that priestcraft just as much as televangelists preaching to get rich?

    How can we get all of this priestcraft under control?

  8. Grégoire says:

    Dear Forest:

    Yeah, you got it. If we’re doing away with private insurance companies but leaving private hospitals and providers in private practice in place, then it defeats the purpose entirely.

    Why should plastic surgeons make so much more money than pediatricians? Why should physicians make more than nurses, or schoolteachers?

    To use a tired cliche, it’s got to be a *permanent revolution* of sorts. Capital finds way to erode gains where it can, and evolves strategies based on whatever environment it finds itself allowed to operate in.

  9. theradicalmormon says:

    Physicians are a priestcraft problem on a much lesser scale than the private insurance companies are. The majority of physicians are in the profession not to make a killing in my limited experience. In fact, the government subsidized housing I lived in during medical school was full of LDS medical and dental student families and the medical guys were all frankly embarrassed by how much the dental guys were discussing how much money they were going to make in a few years while the medical guys were concerned with matters of weightier importance. Sure there are some who go into plastic surgery to make a killing, but the bulk of practicioners are general practicioners and many have not such an easy time getting by while paying off huge medical school debts.

    The huge corporations that take billions of dollars a year in profits while denying the seriously ill treatments they are entitled to as their customers… these are the targets of my ire for the time being. A single payer system would do away with about a billion dollars a year in profiteering immediately.

    Gregoire has shown his distaste of the Canadian system, but Canada is not the only country that uses a single payer system. If I were in charge of putting together a single payer system for the USA I would research the systems of all of the industrialized nations of the world and take the good to make a system that would work in the US. Look at how even Cuba, in it’s poverty has many statistics that are superior to the stats in the US as far as health care outcomes go. Surely, we can find a system that will work better in the US.

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