A Canadian in Honduras: Eyewitness to the coup resistance, By Ashley Holly, August 31, 2009


September 2, 2009 by Gsmith

Here’s one from my friend Andy Taylor…

Twenty Honduran youth gather in an abandoned building to learn about socialist history and ideas. “The history of social change,” begins the facilitator … “we need to understand our history to know where we are today.” We are greeted by a young boy whose resemblance to Che gives me chills. “We’re the students. The workers. The farmers. We are the people. La gente. And we are against the coup.”

Kids sneak out of their homes stacked with parents proud to be golpistas (coup supporters) to debate alternatives in the midst of a city transformed into a canvas of political graffiti. The group is called Los Necios, a political organization determined to put an end to the social and political injustices in Honduras. Following the meeting, concert flyers are handed out which read “Voces Contra el Golpe — Honduras, datecolor cantando.” Until this moment, the location of the concert, set to begin the following morning at 9a.m., was kept secret.

As a foreigner living in Honduras, attendance at this event was exhilarating. A story worth sharing.

Read the rest here: left turn :: virage à gauche


One thought on “A Canadian in Honduras: Eyewitness to the coup resistance, By Ashley Holly, August 31, 2009

  1. Joseph says:


    Hopefully the U.S. will finally do something for democracy abroad, instead of just talking about it. Of course, it would still be kind of meaningless since we don’t have much of a democracy here.

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