One Hundred Years Ago…

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September 3, 2009 by Gsmith

Of the Women of the Socialist
Party of the State of Washington
Present economic conditions enslave the women, even more than they enslave the men of the Proletariat!

In view of this fact and because there is a middle class equal suffrage movement misleading the women of the Proletariat, it is time the women of the Socialist Party published their views, their aims, their principles, and counteract this middle class influence and educate the women of the working class to understand their economic position and where their true interests lie.

To this end the Socialist women of the State of Washington present the following manifesto:

The Socialist Party stands for nothing short of the complete political, economic and social emancipation of women.

The ballot in the hands of woman under Capitalist government would be used to protect women of property, in their property rights.

Such a use of the ballot would in no way benefit the women of the Proletariat.

Unless the women of the working class understand where their true interests lie, the ballot in their hands will only serve to increase the power of their economic enemies.

For several thousand years, since the origin of the monogamous family, women have been more or less economically dependent on men. This fact establishes a lower standard of living for women than for men, and has a controlling influence in determining the price of their labor in the labor market.

Employers recognize this fact of womens’ economic dependence, and because of it they force their wages down to even less than a living wage.

Women therefore provide the employing class with the cheap labor they demand, while many are forced into prostitution (legal or illegal, as the case may be) because of the less than living wage their employers furnish.

Women of the Working Class can secure their emancipation only through the abolition of the wage system, which makes of them wage earners, and as economic slaves of wage earners, worse than the men themselves.

It is the mission of the women of the Socialist Party to educate the women of the Proletariat along class lines, to show them that their interests are diametrically opposed to the interests of the employing class, and to convince them that there is no hope for them except to unite as a class to help overthrow the present Capitalist government, abolish classes, and establish a state of society wherein the means of producing wealth will be owned by the producers of wealth and used for the producers of wealth.

  1. Holding propaganda meetings whenever and wherever possible.
  2. Sending out Revolutionary Socialist women as lecturers.
  3. Educating women in Revolutionary Socialism to take the platform.
  4. Propaganda among Unions.
  5. Propaganda among Teachers.
  6. Formation of Study Clubs.
  7. Organizing the children of the Proletariat in order to educate them along class-conscious political lines so that when they get the ballot they will know how to use it in their own interest.
In all of these methods and in the outline of work proposed, only such women as understand the uncompromising revolutionary character of the Socialist movement should be placed in charge.

We cannot guard too carefully against confusion and disruption. We cannot afford to jeopardize the solidarity of our splendid revolutionary movement in this State by admitting to membership any and all who are merely discontented with present industrial conditions.

Socialist women of Washington, we have a great opportunity!

Private ownership of the means of production has proved unfit to survive by its degradation of women alone, to say nothing of its slaughter of little children.

The abolition of the wage system means so much to us and the children, that we should do everything in our power to bring it about.

Women of the Proletariat, unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains, you have a world to win.


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