Remember Joe Hill: 7pm Saturday Nov. 21


November 17, 2009 by The Mormon Worker

an evening of music and the spoken word:

w/ Rosalie Sorrels
Kate MacLeod
Anke Summerhill
Mark Ross*
Gigi Love
Kyle Wulle
Duncan Phillips
Mike Garcia

7:00pm Saturday November 21
at the Fort Douglas Theater (also called the “Post Theater”)
245 South Fort Douglas Blvd.**
{see map here }

$15 at the door, fundraiser for Utah Jobs with Justice
see posters and leaflets and get more information at

Help Utah Jobs with Justice celebrate the memory of a true American
hero with stories and songs. These are some of the best song writers
and performers in the west. The west is where the great labor movement
of the Industrial Workers of the World started and we can’t forget who
it was that gave us the 8 hour day, ended child labor and brought
dignity and democracy to the work place.

Joe Hill was murdered right here in Salt Lake defending the rights of
workers, organizing the masses with poetry and song. Well, the bosses
who killed him are back at their dirty business again taking away all
the workers’ rights Joe and others fought and died for. So bring a
comrade and be inspired to fight again.

“Don’t Mourn Organize!”

**[traveling east on South Campus Drive past the Huntsman Center,
crossing Mario Cappechi Drive on up into the Fort Douglas area
you will be on Hempstead Road. the Theater is just east of the
intersection of Hempstead Road and Fort Douglas Boulevard
(the second intersection after entering the Ft. Douglas area)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
WCPJ is a member organization of the Utah Jobs with Justice coalition


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