Welcome Tristan


January 8, 2010 by J. Madson

I have the pleasure of introducing a new perma blogger, Tristan Phillip Call. We look forward to his insights and thoughts. In fact, I’ll let him introduce himself:

I am studying anthropology at Vanderbilt University in order to gather funds and experience to build the Mormon Worker Farm.

I am trying to learn how to study religion, freedom, and farming as a single subject

Planting and harvesting organic fruit and nut trees is my favorite way of smashing imperialism

I believe equally in democracy, anarchy, and communism, and think we can’t achieve one without the other two

I was a turn-the-other-cheek purist for most of my life but now I think that pacifism might require militant resistance against abusive governments and people

I went to Brigham Young University for my undergraduate (2008) and hope to live in Utah (migrating to Central America for every other winter) for the rest of my life

I believe in sharing. I love all insects (toad bugs and tiny wasps and blackfly larvae!) and I love Utah Lake, the most beautiful body of water in the world.



4 thoughts on “Welcome Tristan

  1. Ron Madson says:

    Welcome! Are you serious about purchasing a “Mormon Worker Farm?” And if so, what are the specifics?
    Also, off the topic perhaps, but I just finished reading a book called “Twilight in the Desert” by a Simmons (can’t remember first name) that asserts that their is ample evidence (which he reviews in detail in his book) that Saudi Arabia is running out of oil and, therefore, “peak oil” is a reality. What is your take on “peak oil”?

  2. fishstilldie says:

    Ron the Mormon Worker Farm has been in the works for a few months now. I am surprised you didn’t know about it. Please join our google group to see the specifics and plans.


    Jason b

  3. todrobbins says:

    Looking forward to your posts Tristan.

  4. Brian Murphy says:

    Thanks for the invite to the facebook group, Tristan. I’m subscribing to the blog feed now and will see how things look for getting the print copy in the next coming months.

    Looking forward to staying current with what you’re up to!

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