War Veteran speaks out


January 12, 2010 by J. Madson

I think this video is worth watching and discussing.


5 thoughts on “War Veteran speaks out

  1. Tariq says:

    Thank you for posting this. That soldier’s words were right on. His speech took place at the Winter Soldier events organized by Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW). Anyone who is interested in supporting GI resistance, or anyone who is interested in hearing more Winter Soldier testimonies, check out ivaw.org. I helped out at Winter Soldier, and, as a veteran, it was truly inspiring to be around so many other veterans who felt the same way about militarism that I felt. To any soldiers or veterans who are reading this blog, and who may be disillusioned about the military, and think you are alone, I encourage you to check out IVAW. There is a vibrant, powerful GI resistance movement growing in this country.

  2. tristancall says:

    good video. My father is an officer and I grew up in a place called “rocket city”, where a lot of the missiles we launch were developed and tested. Growing up, I had no idea that there were other pacifists (besides me) in the world, much less in the military. Now it seems so obvious- most of the national guard, marines, and even cops that I meet seem a lot more like us (and like our Iraqi/Afghani “enemies”) than they seem like the oppressors and bigots our military is trying to make them be.

  3. SUNNofaB.C.Rich says:

    Youre the one trying to portray them as bigots and oppressors. Your pops must be a real bigot and oppressor making machine, being an officer and all. I think it would be great if you had the opportunity to meet some ex Fedayeen or Republican Guard or some Mujahadeen. Might be an eye opener for you.

  4. tristancall says:

    i think my family has to deal every day with the tension between what the military expects us to be (patriotic, obedient, and willing to participate in violence against people we don’t know on the basis of ‘intelligence’, orders, prejudice, and national ‘interest’) and the people that we would rather be (kind, fair, autonomous actors that do what we believe in, rather than what we are told to do).

    I have no doubt that members of any military organization, fedayeen and republican guard included, feel that same tension. I expect it is the same ambivalence felt be people involved in many of the pacifist or militant revolutionary movements that I like more, such as the Zapatistas or the resistance in Iran.

    Those who don’t feel at least some pull of their own moral center against the orders of their superiors (whether marines or Hamas) may be terrifying people, but I don’t think they are common. What are common, I think, are people who feel that tension but side with authorities (both among marines and Hamas), for one reason or another.

  5. Joseph says:

    Thanks for sharing this video. I am not in the military, so as an outsider I have no idea how widespread this sentiment is. It seems to me this soldier had political convictions going into the military that likely colored how he interpreted his experience, but I do feel what he says is true. If such sentiments were to become more widespread among those of us who are exploited, I think we do finally stand a chance of standing up to the powers that be and start saying “NO” to them. But it seems our media keeps enough brainwashed to somehow keep our broken system going.

    Very nice video, though. Well put together.

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