White Supremacist Conference Cancelled

February 18, 2010 by Tariq Khan

White Supremacist Conference Cancelled
After being rejected by four hotels, the racist American Renaissance Conference scheduled to happen this weekend, February 19-21, has been officially cancelled.

The American Renaissance Conference is a bi-annual get-together of the world’s leading white supremacists, organized by Jared Taylor of Oakton, Virginia. Jared Taylor is the editor of the racist newsletter/website American Renaissance. Taylor uses outdated pseudo-scientific arguments to say that black people are genetically inferior to white people, that black people are genetically predisposed to have lower IQs than whites, that black people are predisposed to violence and crime, and that most of this country’s problems are rooted in racial and ethnic diversity. The solution to the country’s problems, according to Taylor, is to bring back racial segregation, ban non-white immigration to the U.S., and encourage the police to use racial profiling. He also argues that allowing black soldiers in the U.S. military lowers the quality of the military.

Hilariously, Jared Taylor refers to himself as a “race relations expert”. Taylor and his crew never call themselves racists, rather, they use code words like “race realist” or “racialist” to identify themselves. They are trying to sneak their racist views into the mainstream by attempting to present themselves as legitimate intellectuals. Jared Taylor and his supporters know full well that when most people in the U.S. think of white supremacists, they picture violent neo-Nazi skinheads with swastika tattoos, and “trashy rednecks” who can barely make out a coherent sentence, wearing confederate flag tee-shirts. Today’s white power movement is trying to change that image by pretending to be intellectuals and wearing suits and ties. It is a rule at AmRen conferences for all male attendees to wear jackets and ties; and it is almost all male attendees. Very few women ever show up at AmRen events.

The audience at an AmRen Conference usually consists of people associated with the neo-Nazi group Stormfront, which has as its motto, “White Pride Worldwide”, ex-Klansmen like former KKK grandmaster David Duke, Pennsylvania neo-Nazis like the Keystone State Skinheads, and active anti-immigration fanatics. AmRen’s attempts at bringing their racist ideas into the mainstream have had some success as mainstream conservatives like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity have echoed “race realist” ideas and David Horowitz went so far as to post an AmRen article on his website and he defended Jared Taylor, calling him a “gutsy individualist”.

This year’s keynote speaker was to be England’s leading racist voice, Nick Griffin, head of the BNP (British National Party). The BNP is an extremist right-wing political party infamous for (among other things) refusing to allow people of color to join. Nick Griffin and the BNP argue that non-white immigration into England should be banned and that non-white immigrants should be kicked out of the country by force.

At the last two AmRen conferences, one at the Dulles Hyatt Hotel, and the other at the Dulles Crowne Plaza, anti-racist activists worked to expose the conference to the public. This resulted in the hotels getting bad publicity. The hotels, not wanting their name brands to be associated with white supremacy, and possibly worried about the safety and feelings of their non-white employees who would have to work cooking and cleaning for white supremacists, decided to never host AmRen again.

This year, Jared Taylor tried to use a different name to trick a hotel into hosting his conference. Instead of calling it the American Renaissance Conference, Taylor used the name of his other organization, the New Century Foundation, to get a hotel to agree to host his racist conference. He first went to the Dulles Marriott, but after they found out the truth about what the New Century Foundation is, they cancelled. So Taylor moved on to the Dulles Westin, but after some phone calls from anti-racist activists and concerned individuals who informed the hotel of what the conference actually is, the Westin cancelled as well. Taylor then tried to secretly move the conference to the Sheraton Four Points Hotel in Manassas, VA, but they too cancelled, as a result of being informed by anti-racist activists of the true nature of AmRen. Finally Taylor tried the Capitol Skyline Hotel in DC, but they did likewise, cancelling the conference after hotel management found out what AmRen is. Finally Jared Taylor had to officially cancel this year’s American Renaissance Conference once and for all.

Taylor and his racist supporters argue that it is a violation of free speech for hotels to refuse to host them, but private enterprises have no obligation to host anyone they don’t want to host. Is Jared Taylor violating my free speech rights if he refuses to let me hold an anti-racist conference in his living room? He is free to have his racist conference in any public park or on any private property owned by any racist who wants to host him. These racists are trying to make themselves seem like victims, which is ridiculous in light of the fact as their keynote speaker, they scheduled a man who wants to get the British state to force people of color out of their homes and out of the country.

Taylor is claiming that people were calling in death threats to the hotels, in order to bully them out of hosting AmRen. I doubt that this is true, but if it is true, then I condemn anyone who did such a thing. I do not endorse such tactics and don’t know anyone who does. I have called the hotels, and none of the people I talked to said anything about getting death threats. I suspect that Taylor is using the “death threats” story to make himself seem like a victim in order to get public sympathy. It is not working. He put out a press release and no mainstream news outlets took any notice of it. Even FOX News has avoided covering AmRen’s situation. It seems that associating with American Renaissance white supremacy is bad for business.

I’m not opening this up for comments because I’m not interested in reading the inevitable nine dozen angry, racist comments written by white power loons.


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