Romney’s ‘No Apology’ Outlines Foreign Policy for Fantasy World


March 8, 2010 by The Mormon Worker

By Spencer Ackerman
The Washington Independant

Mitt Romney’s just-published book, “No Apology: The Case For American Greatness,” is a bid to bolster the former Massachusetts governor’s nonexistent national-security and foreign policy portfolio ahead of a possible 2012 presidential run. But a glance through the remarkable conflation of conservative shibboleths, paranoid global fantasies and deterministic myopia in “No Apology” makes it difficult to avoid the conclusion that the perennial GOP candidate might have been better off saying nothing at all.

Romney’s central contention is that there are four “strategies” for global power: the United States’ blend of benevolent, market-based hegemony; the Chinese model of political autocracy and unrestrained industry; Russia’s energy-based path to resurgence; and the “violent jihadists,” an agglutination of scary Muslims. Trouble in paradise, according to Romney, comes from President Obama’s “presupposition” that “America is in a state of inevitable decline.” As a result, Romney must warn the nation to continue to lead the world, lest one or more of these competitors overtake America. “[T]here can be no rational denial of the reality that America is a decidedly good nation,” writes Romney, or perhaps a third grader. “Therefore, it is good for America to be strong.”

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2 thoughts on “Romney’s ‘No Apology’ Outlines Foreign Policy for Fantasy World

  1. Joseph says:

    Saw the book cover and title of Mitt’s book and thought “This isn’t for real is it?” Unfortunately, it is. This is even more embarrassing than Donnie and Marie!

    Given the wonderful quote from Joseph F. Smith in the previous post, one could only wish for more Mormon politicians in the Joseph F. Smith mold (he also publicly supported the creation of the League of Nations) rather than Mitt Romney. Alas, the opposite seems the case, at least in the United States.

    I hope Ackerman’s claim of a 2012 run for Mitt is conjecture. If indeed he is planning on running, I think that whether the Mayan calendar ends that year or not, the year 2012 might be a good year to go hide somewhere!

  2. Check out this counterpunch essay about Brother Romney:

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