Mormon May Day Celebration!


April 3, 2010 by Jason Brown

In light of the recent Gallop Poll which calculates that 60% of active Mormons self-identify as Conservative or Republican and that over 60% of inactive Mormons who still consider themselves Mormonism are self-identified “Liberals or Moderates” suggesting that the more liberal you are the more likely you are to go inactive; in light of Glenn Beck’s recent public comments where the prominent Mormon declared that social justice was a code word for Communism and Nazism; and in light of the recent invitation by a Nevada Stake to Democratic Senator Harry Reid to speak at a fireside which was met by threats of violence and cancelled. 

As moderate, liberal or radical Mormons, it is time to make our voices heard WITHIN Mormonism. I for one am weary of hearing Republican talking points pass for Gospel truths. The Gospel is for everyone, not just Republicans; guided by the spirit, liberal and radical interpretations of the Gospel and scriptures are just as valid as those made by Conservatives.

The Idea:

  • On May 1st 2010, International Workers’ Day, or May Day, we will participate in local May Day festivities and organize ‘Social Justice and the Gospel’ Teach-ins/Firesides all across the country. 
  • On Sunday May 2nd, during Fast and Testimony Meeting, we will hold a special fast for those who are working all over the world to advance the causes of the Gospel, social justice, environmental sustainability and fighting the root causes of poverty. Then, we will attend our local Wards and, guided by the spirit, bare strong, sincere and non-confrontational testimonies on these themes.

Please pass the word along and start organizing events. Respond with ideas and comments.

Will you help me make the Mormon Church hospitable for all of God’s Children? Even Liberals and Radicals?

Visit for details!

3 thoughts on “Mormon May Day Celebration!

  1. Stan says:

    Gallup, not Gallop.

  2. Forest Simmons says:

    My wife recently reminded me that when we hear nice church members solemnly and confidently pronounce that “illegal immigrants” are ruining our country, or that if we have free health care, people won’t have any incentive to work, etc. it’s not that they came up with these brilliant ideas out of nowhere; they are just parroting them back from Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, etc. like little kids testing out swear words that they heard from the naughty older kids.

    Here’s a non-confrontional response that you can use when you hear somebody parroting this kind of drivel:

    “I have heard that kind of talk before, but it never really made much sense to me.”

    If they offer a typical half baked explanation in support of the idea, the appropriate non-confrontational response is ..

    “Yeah, that’s the same explanation I heard. But it didn’t make any sense to me either.”

    Practice repeating that last sentence with the accent on the “it” or on the “me,” whichever might be most appropriate in the case at hand.

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