Marching on Pheonix May 29: Stop SB 1070!


May 26, 2010 by tristan savage


Instead of listening to the international calls for intervention and condemnation of the criminalizing laws of Arizona, President Obama has ordered the National Guard to the Arizona Border.  If we needed any proof that federal officials will not solve this crisis for us, and that grassroots democracy and resistance to immoral laws is going to be necessary to legalize our families, friends, and neighbors, that proof is here.

In Pheonix on May 29, Alto Arizona is expecting tens of thousands to march from the barrios, from as far away as Rhode Island, alongside notables such as AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, Dolores Huerta, Eliseo Medina, and original participants in the Mississippi Freedom Sumer of the 1960s.  Across the country more than 22 states are planning events in solidarity with Arizona and to push back against the police-immigration collaborations that led to the rise of SB1070 and are spreading in all of our communities.

For those who cannot make it to Arizona, Alto Arizona is organizing a Virtual March on Phoenix to demand intervention and express our outrage at the President’s responding to the human rights crisis with further militarization.

Blocking 1070’s implementation and repealing all police/immigration agreements are the first necessary steps toward a legalization that gives undocumented people full equality in our society.  Criminalization and militarization are not only the wrong direction for our society, they’re morally reprehensible.

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7 thoughts on “Marching on Pheonix May 29: Stop SB 1070!

  1. elchupacabras says:

    I feel much like the Zapatistas in Mexico: all of the major political parties have abandoned us!

    Bush was awful, but Obama is worse. 400 thousand deportations predicted this year, and now militarization of the border. He has effectively caved into Jan Brewer on this one and is giving a de facto vow of support to the state with the deployment.

    It is also a cave-in to the oligarch of power that oppresses the humble migrant. Felipe Calderon called for stricter enforcement on the concocted drug war on the border a week ago, and this is the result. Obama is actually taking a page out of the illegitimate Presidency of Calderon, who has militarized his own northern border, only to see violence increase, and human rights abuses spiral dramatically.

    Obama used to offer passive rhetoric in favor of immigration reform, but now he has transformed into a sworn enemy. Don’t let the border become militarized, it will only bring more hate, violence and destruction.

    • wiley'swisdom says:

      Please tell me that you can discern that Bush was the biggest embarrassment for a president that we have ever had in history. But this “war” on people of color here in the U.S., is much more about us, than it is about a president. It reflects our own personal fears and misguided solutions.

      Russle Pearce, the Mormon politico that initiated SB1070, has taken his own family tragedy, and dammed all people of color because of it. I understand how difficult it is to forgive, so I empathize with him while I also have a hard time forgiving him. Thanks to him, Once again, Mormons are in the spotlight for a reputation of prejudice against nonwhites.
      It is the people. As an Arizonan, I repeatedly hear arguments that are based on fear and emotion and not one actual fact about immigrants in poverty and the solutions to prevent people from feeling a need to leave their homes to survive.

      It is disheartening to think that so many people discourse and vote on an issue such as this without really studying it out in their minds (not on a biased radio brainwash). The difficult part is that some of the info needed, is not readily available, such as how the ability to become “legal” is extremely limited to certain groups of people, how calculations of Latino money spent in the U.S. purposefully overlooks crucial elements that would display the realities of that income, etc. If the discussion about borders and Mexico does not include points about NAFTA and the economy, than the discussion is superficial.

      But no space here to go into detail, but are some not concerned that SB1070 has the Mark of the Beast type elements to it? Can we not solve our concerns another way?

      Wisdom is the key, and I pray we all strive for it

  2. Do You Like Worms? says:

    hey make sure you get lots of people waving Mexican flags when they have this shindig, that should get the average American behind the cause. Make sure to emphasize the symbol of a foreign country (like has been done in the past) to make the point that these people want to become citizens of THIS country. I’m sure the combination of emphasizing nationalist pride in a foreign country while demanding privileges from THIS country will do the trick. Surely someone has figured out that’s a bad idea but i’m gonna check it out and see if I can spot a few Mexican flags in there.

    • elchupacabras says:

      Your remarks aren’t even worth dignifying. The event already took place wrapped around plenty of “Old Glories.”

      As for the flag, what about the U.S.’s waiving of its national symbols on foreign lands it shouldn’t be in? What about imperialism and manifest destiny that have destroyed native peoples all wrapped around “the flag?” You can’t have it both ways. Jingoists such as yourself only view U.S. interests as “valid” and look down on the right of others to enjoy sovereignty and autonomy. I’m sick of imperialists!

  3. Do You Like Worms? says:

    got some P.R. advice huh…

    anyways I guess you can’t really take exception to issues relating to the sovereignty of another country if youre all about denying the U.S. sovereignty in terms of regulating it’s borders. Jingoism and all that…

  4. T says:

    Please look into my blog for a respectful venue where we can discuss this very important issue. Iactually have a couple:

    If we really believe everyone on this planet are our spiritual brothers and sisters then we have to let that light guide our feelings in this debate. If we let the characteristics of Christ guide us(love, compassion, mercy) we’ll find the right things that need to be done; things that will meet with His approval, the only approval we should care about. I have to believe the Devil laughs when he sees the contention among all of us.

    • elchupacabras says:

      I applaud your intent to look at the issue and wish you well on your blogs. I would caution you though, the argument you mention of the house and key is tired, worn-out, and is very hurtful to those of us who are immigrants or work with them. You may not have known that, but we hear it bandied around so often that it is like salt in a deep wounds. Nevertheless, I congratulate you on your interest in this issue.

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