Israeli military attacks humanitarian aid flotilla en route to Gaza


May 31, 2010 by tristan savage

The news this morning is that Israeli commandos have just stormed a flotilla of boats loaded with 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid supplies and 700 activists trying to break the naval blockade of Gaza.  Depending on the news site, numbers of people killed vary from 2 to dozens, with many more injured.  Lots of video and news reports are available, and protests are erupting around the world.  I’m sure we will cover this in greater depth soon- stay tuned.

Or check on the website of the Free Gaza movement that put the flotilla together to check on their news updates:

15 thoughts on “Israeli military attacks humanitarian aid flotilla en route to Gaza

  1. Here’s the proof that these “humanitarians” effected initial assault on the soldiers.

    When did INITIAL ASSAULT become “Humanitarian?”

    • J. Madson says:

      Initial assault? first of all, this occurred in international waters. Israel has zero right to attack this ship and while I may think it would have been wiser for the humanitarian workers to do nothing, the guilt lies with Israel.

      If Iran invaded a foreign ship in international waters, all hell would break loose. But Israel does it and we get the Israel is a victim, you made us kill you, bs rhetoric.

      Its an act of war, its reckless, and its frankly immoral what Israel did. Lets not even address the blockade of the Gazan civilians. If Turkey wanted to, they could invoke NATO article 5 right now since they were attacked by a non nato nation in international wars, a clear violation of international law and an act of war.

  2. elchupacabras says:

    Here is a great BBC interview with one of the activists who counters that the flotilla was first attacked by helicopter:

    • Tater says:

      I wonder if the man in Glasgow supports Scottish independence? And if not why?

      Anyway, the attacks were disgusting. Gaza is a ghetto, and is effectively been laid siege.

  3. Do You Like Worms? says:

    international waters, international borders, customs and immigration issues all important stuff that needs to be respected… OH WAIT. You guys don’t believe in that, remember? Quit being silly.

    • Joseph says:


      Who are the “you guys” you refer to? I’ve seen a diversity of opinion on this blog, even among official posters, so I’m unclear on who you are referring to.

      Your argument is, once gain, irrelevant. The beliefs of “you guys” (whoever they are) in no way justifies what Israel has done.

      Your comment is further undermined by the fact that wanting to see the rights of the people of Gaza respected is not incongruous with looking for the dissolution of all nation states. Calling on the positive aspects of international treaties and laws to achieve that end is pragmatic, not inconsistent.

      Also, the fundamental argument here is that what Israel did was immoral, which transcends legality issues. The legal issues are merely being brought up as icing on the cake, not as a fundamental concern.

      So worms, it’s time for you to stop being silly.

      Worms are at least good for my garden, anyway.

  4. Do You Like Worms? says:

    sure, morality transcends legality… that’s great until you run into people like me. Good luck with that.

    • Joseph says:


      Your response doesn’t make much sense. Why would I run into you? I doubt we go to many of the same places. Are you a judge or something? What control do you think you have over me and my beliefs?

      I have run into people “like” you. No one’s broken me. People like you get short-term victories, but you don’t matter in the long run.

  5. Joseph says:

    And yes, morality does transcend legality. Try reading the New Testament sometime. The whole thing, not just scriptures selected for Sunday School.

  6. Do You Like Worm? says:

    incidentally i’m not a Christian and I don’t find Israels actions in this incident “immoral”. Legality aside, what now?

    • Joseph says:

      Ummm…You’re messed up. Not the no Christian part (not everyone I respect considers themselves a Christian), but the fact that you need a law saying it’s wrong to kill individuals trying to get food to starving people. As J. notes below, not much more to say.

  7. J. Madson says:

    well if you dont find needless killing immoral than there is not much to say.

  8. Do You Like Worms? says:

    If I had a neighbor that tried to kill me every day I’d probably kill him but if I couldnt do that, at the very least i’d make it hard for him to get groceries.

  9. Joseph says:

    Your analogy oversimplifies. That’s not what is happening in Gaza. What’s happening in Gaza is genocide. And what happened on the aid flotilla was just murder on the part of the Israelis.

  10. Do You Like Worms? says:

    The primary objective of Hamas as stated by them is to destroy Israel, so I stand by my analogy.

    As for the aid flotilla, if anything it’s yet another practical example of what happens when you attack with a knife, stick or rock someone who is armed with a gun. It’s about as moral/immoral as sticking your penis in a mousetrap.

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