Glenn Beck’s Twisted Theology


July 19, 2010 by Jason Brown

In two recent posts on the wonderful site Religion Dispatches, the authors parse Glenn Beck’s most recent attacks on social justice and Liberation Theology.

Glenn Beck Takes on Liberation Theology

Glenn Beck’s Social Justice Heresies

3 thoughts on “Glenn Beck’s Twisted Theology

  1. elchupacabras says:

    The Union Theological Seminary in NY has the right idea– they are sending Bro. Beck Bibles with social justice passages underlined.

  2. Joseph says:

    Since the last article I shared was a bummer, thought I’d share something fun: Jon Stewart imitating Glenn Beck. Even though it’s a comedy skit, Jon might actually be making a few points while making people laugh…

    Ahhh, if only Beck could have even half that much value in his “entertaining” act. Or even be half so funny!

  3. Luther Gaylord says:

    The Mormon church stands for social justice? Wishful thinking on the part of Philip Barlow.

    There were indeed progressive, egalitarian, and even small-c communist eras in the early history of the LDS church, but they were short-lived. And those days are very much in the past.

    Mormons fought the against the ERA and the civil rights changes of the 1960s every bit as fiercely as they are now fighting against equal rights for homosexuals. And while Mormons may still give lip service to Biblical “care for the poor” admonitions, anyone advocating government social safety net programs will feel very unwelcome in the modern LDS church.

    Ironically, it was the proselytising mission I served for the LDS church in the 1980s which exposed a young, naive me to the poverty of South America. That started my political thinking on a slow march further and further to the left. As my worldview changed, I found it impossible to reconcile with the right-wing drivel I heard in church every Sunday, and I ultimately had to leave.

    My own ten-year experience as a Mormon suggests that most members of that church are in general agreement with much of what Glenn Beck spews.

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