The Mormon Worker’s Collective Declared Modern Day Pioneers


July 24, 2010 by Jason Brown

In a short Pioneer Day article appearing on the Huffington Post, Holly Welker lists the Mormon Worker Collective as modern day pioneers.

10 thoughts on “The Mormon Worker’s Collective Declared Modern Day Pioneers

  1. SUNNofaB.C.Rich says:

    Well congratulations! It’s like winning the “Taco stand in Ogden least likely to cause explosive Diarrhea” award. Good job fellas!

  2. Blind Morton Henkin says:

    ” The Days of ’47 commemorates the acts of illegal aliens looking for a better life for their families by fleeing the turmoil and oppression in their home country. I wonder if their names are on a list anywhere?”

  3. SUNNofaB.C.Rich says:

    well considering they didn’t have to bypass any Mexican border patrol agents on their way in and there was pretty much no Mexicans living in that area and Utah was mere months away from becoming officially part of the U.S. (your prophet knew that already i’m sure. ) your comparision is hogwash.

  4. SUNNofaB.C.Rich says:

    a miniscule dose of 150 year old irony might amuse blind morton henkin but a good reason for not doing anything about the problem of illegal immigration it is not.

  5. J.L. says:

    Wow, SUNN. I’m late to this post so I’m probably spitting in the wind…. but,

    I’d like to know exactly how the illegal immigration problem is directly affecting you and your loved ones? Illegals don’t qualify for welfare and they pay sales tax. Have you lost work? Do you know anyone who has lost work? Are you lamenting that all the good migrant farm jobs are taken? Or, maybe you’d like to wash dishes in a restaurant, or do sweatshop factory work? If so, then by all means continue the fight against this problem.

    From where I sit, illegal immigration is a scapegoat for our crap economy which was destroyed by greedy American capitalists who raped the middle class.

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