Rally against SB-1070 this Thursday in SLC


July 27, 2010 by The Mormon Worker

On Thursday July 29th, from 5-7pm at the South Steps of the Capitol Building in Salt Lake, there will be a rally in Solidarity with those in Arizona who will be affected by SB 1070. That is the day the racist bill becomes law. I encourage you all to come out and attend this event. We need to be building strong networks of solidarity and more importantly laying the foundations for a political movement that can fight back. For more information, please visit:


8 thoughts on “Rally against SB-1070 this Thursday in SLC

  1. SUNNofaB.C.Rich says:

    Don’t forget the Mexican flags!

  2. David says:

    How about American flags instead of Mexican flags? This may be an expression of solidarity with Mexican people, but we are doing so as Americans. Mexico should have nothing to do with it.

  3. elchupacabras says:

    If only I could be there! Best of luck to all!

  4. SUNNofaB.C.Rich says:

    aww don’t spoil the fun David… I want pro illegal immigration activist types to keep showing the national symbol of a foreign country while demanding rights from this country as happens to some extent at most pro illegal immigration rallies. Turning public opinion against them while showing their true colors if you will… Don’t confuse the issue by giving them P.R. advice, let them say what they really want to say.

  5. David says:

    You crack me up SUNNofaB.C.Rich! 🙂 You are an amazing strategist!

  6. SUNNofaB.C.Rich says:

    Thanks Davey, but I can’t take credit for any of that… I mean it’s not like I suggested that pro illegal immigration activist types do something as stupid and counter productive as waving Mexican flags at protests or raising Mexican flags over schools or the idiot in Reno that put a Mexican flag above an American flag at some taco joint. They did it all by themselves.

    Maybe when I see five consecutive immigration rallies of substantial size that have NO Mexican flags, No Che Guevara shirts, no communist shite, no signs in spanish and a speaker that acknowledges that there are other countries in the world that have people that would like to have the same opportunities to become citizens that Mexicans are demanding and that any effort to reform immigration rules should take into consideration EVERYONE in the world equally and fairly, I might give this crap more consideration.

  7. Ty says:

    What is racist about this law?

  8. SUNNofaB.C.Rich says:

    Oh it’s not racist. The opponents of this law want everyone to ignore the fact that approximately 75 percent of the illegal immigrants in the U.S. are hispanic in origin, while simultaneously maintaining a state of a wide open southern border… why?


    That’s why.

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