Large crowd protests Arizona immigration law at Utah Capitol


August 5, 2010 by The Mormon Worker

By Lee Davidson
Deseret News
Published: Thursday, July 29, 2010

SALT LAKE CITY — About 200 people rallied at the state Capitol on Thursday against Arizona-style immigration reform in Utah. The protest was scheduled to coincide with the day the controversial Arizona law took effect, although a judge blocked the law’s most controversial parts.

At the Utah protest, young, radical Latinos were joined by gay-rights organizations, revolutionary students and Mormon reformists who say underrepresented communities are under attack from legislators who don’t like minorities.

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11 thoughts on “Large crowd protests Arizona immigration law at Utah Capitol

  1. SUNNofaB.C.Rich says:

    That’s pretty humorous. I’m sure if anyone bothered to break down the exit polls based on race after prop. 8 the gays might not be so quick to show up. Hey did the brown berets show up? they should bring this loud mouth with em wherever they go.

  2. Joseph says:

    SUNN, whoever narrated your movie is too white and should go back to Europe. I can tell by the stupidity in his voice that he has a dumb looking face, and I have shoes that would be perfect for smashing it. Once I kick all his teeth out, maybe he’ll talk less, and we’ll all be better for it.

    For those on the less intelligent side of things, what this young Latina is engaging in is hyperbole (you might have to get a dictionary and look that word up). It’s an answer to the racist claims whites (who are not indigenous here) make to other groups. And it’s actually quite good hyperbole. Her claims of fascism, however, are not hyperbole. Arizona is a fascist state (I know, I lived there for over a decade), and those Californians expressing support for Arizona all look like fascists to me.

    I’m just trying to figure out, SUNN, what the hell you’re doing here. I know that’s been brought up before. Do you think that growing up in LDS culture I haven’t heard your right-wing arguments a thousand times, in many cases where the person is using religion to try and intimidate me? I suspect members of the Mormon Worker have beent through similar experiences. You are attacking a political minority within a religious minority. I would be very interested in hearing an explanation for what you are doing or what you hope to accomplish.

    Oh, and I should also clarify that my first paragraph about kicking the narrator of film in the head is also a kind of hyperbole. I’m not usually a violent person.

  3. Joseph says:

    Now, having spoken about hyperbole, I do want to address something I read about in the full article in the post above. It seems some element of this protest brought USSR flags. What’s the deal with that (I realize it wasn’t the Mormon Worker that did it, I’m just throwing the question out there)? I could see it as hyperbole, but unlike the Latina telling whites to go home, waving USSR flags is NOT good hyperbole. It didn’t work for the New York Dolls, and it’s not going to work for any political movement. On top of that there’s the irony of the situation, since the biggest problem with SB1070 is that it makes the police state the U.S. has become even worse. And the Soviet Republic was…oh yeah, a police state. I do believe Mormons can be socialists, but not THAT kind of socialist. Yes, the USSR was racist, and they controlled immigration into their country. No one would have batted an eye at something like SB1070 in Soviet Russia. Or at least, no one would have been ALLOWED to.

    Anyway, I realize, once again, it wasn’t the Mormon Worker that was responsible for that, I just wanted to clarify that I view ALL police states with contempt, regardless of what side of the political spectrum they might be on.

    • Joseph says:


      I re-read the article and realize it was the Soviet colors that were used, not exact replicas of the flag (though apparently there were T-Shirts with Soviet iconography). I still stand by the bulk of my arguments. Using colors and symbols from a police state to protest a police state law was self-defeating. And it still didn’t work for the New York Dolls.

      Also, I realize Arizona’s law does not apply to the U.S., so when I said it “makes the police state the U.S. has become even worse” I’m referring mainly to the law’s influence and potential influence on the rest of the U.S. Just wanted to clarify. I am glad the more egregious aspects of the “law” have been so far blocked, but in reality they can be implemented anyway, since in 2004 the Supreme Court said “stop and identify” laws were Constitutional (so much for the Bill of Rights and notions of “probable cause”).

    • J. Madson says:


      I was at the rally and I was disappointed as you seem to be that people failed to realize who their intended audience is. Im all for protest but it must be intelligent protest as well. Rhetoric matters.

      • Joseph says:

        Yeah, I didn’t mean to imply that I saw the Mormon Worker as being part of that. The article indicated it was one of the student groups. Given that the Mormon Worker included a Noam Chomsky article against the Soviety Union ( and the obvious presence of Green Anarchism in the views of many of the Mormon Workers that I’ve seen, I don’t believe there are quite so many Hammer Sickle symbols in Mormon Worker closets as SUNNofaB.C.Rich implies there are (even though, as Glenn Beck is happy to point out, we’re all part of a big conspiracy). And I love the Mormon Worker symbol. I think it encapsulates Libertarian Left principles very well (the collective nature of a beehive with an anarchist “A” for the preservation of individual liberties is perfect).

        But I do have to recognize and apologize for my own rhetorical failures. Looking at my initial response to this post (or specifically to SUNNofaB.C.Rich’s comment), I realize I will be doing deep breathing meditations before writing up responses again!

  4. SUNNofaB.C.Rich says:

    Joe, if you think that’s good hyperbole then by all means let’s see more of it at these kind of events. I’m sure average Americans are going to “see the light” hearing some loud mouthed snaggled toothed heifer tell them to leave a locality they’ve lived in longer than she has (Do you think she’s descended from the indigenous people of California? she’s as white as me… lol.. no doubt she has some indigenous blood in her, problem is that indigenous blood is probably from somewhere south of our border.)

    Let’s be serious here, someone telling someone to go back to where their ancestors hailed from 5 6 7 or more generations back is quite a bit different than telling someone to go back to where they came from 3 days ago. But hey keep up the hyperbole, or let’s call it what it really is “bullshit” it does more for my side of the argument than yours.

    As for fascism, that’s a word with a specific definition, at least it used to be… probably whatever criteria you think makes Arizona a “fascist” state could be applied to lots of other places. Everybodys a fascist if theyre on the other side of things from you.

    What am I doing here? I have a lot of family that are Mormons and I live in Utah… I probably ended up here via the links on some other Mormon blog probably and of course I think your politics are stupid.

    As for your other comments, morons wearing hammer and sickle t shirts (you might not have one hanging up in the closet but I bet there’s a few people that frequent this place that do!) are 100 percent as pointless as the idiots who wave Mexican flags at immigration rallies and while youre chewing on that stop and consider Mexicos immigration policies…

    • Joseph says:

      I know what fascism is, and I don’t apply it to everyone who disagrees with me. I do apply it to xenophobic flag-wavers because they are fascists. I know what they are saying, where it’s been said it before, and where it’s all leading. I do admit to sometimes misusing the term when referring to police states in general (I realize police states and other types of tyranny aren’t exclusive to fascism), but that’s not the case here. Arizona’s direction right now isn’t just despotic, it’s xenophobic and racist, and that qualifies for the label fascism.

      And just because I like the use of hyperbole by the young woman in the video doesn’t mean I think average white Americans will get it. I know most of them are too shallow-thinking to get anything Fox news doesn’t spoon-feed them.

  5. SUNNofaB.C.Rich says:

    Good job Joe, take a look at your criteria for what you define as fascism and what those scumbags were saying through their megaphones fits perfectly. I wonder if this pathetic example of humanity also believes some people are “too black to be in America” Considering Mexico’s track record on treatment of blacks I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s an unvoiced sentiment.

    You probably think the Xenophobia exhibited by these chumps is justified because afterall it’s “white people” who want immigration under control (let’s see how hispanic Americans would feel about unchecked immigration of Vietnamese immigrants. Might be an eye opener for ya Joe.)

    according to you, Arizona however is unjustifiably Xenophobic because 75 percent of illegal immigrants are from central or south America with approx. 50 percent coming from Mexico and Arizona has made a tougher law targeting illegal immigrants which will obviously affect mostly hispanic illegal immigrants because they make up the overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants. Youre incapable of separating illegal immigration issues from racial issues (I’m capable of that, afterall I’m married to a woman of Mexican descent who understands the need for immigration control and prefers the American flag to the Mexican flag) I think youre the one with the shallow thinking problem, chief.

  6. J. Madson says:

    Im sorry SunnofaBC but immigration has always been tied to race and xenophobia in America.

    • SUNNofaB.C.Rich says:

      Of course that doesn’t mean any attempt to regulate immigration is simply the result of racism and unwarranted xenophobia. When it comes to immigration I’m interested in 1. what’s best for America and 2. what’s fair for the rest of the world (all of it)

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