Blowback for dummies


October 6, 2010 by J. Madson

I think this sums up blowback as good as any quote. It is also part of the reason I see the BoM as a tragedy and read it as anti-war despite its many seemingly pro war statements. The BoM demonstrates a vicious cycle of mimetic rivalry reinforcing the narratives about the other until Christ is followed when weapons are laid down or he is rejected and nations are exterminated.

John Cole

When you bomb people and kill their family, friends, and neighbors, burn down their homes and burn down their businesses and kill their livestock, spewing unexploded ordnance and munitions in fields where they work and their children play, it pisses them off. Many of them even get pissed off enough to fight back against the people they think are responsible for the bombing. They probably even form lifelong grudges when they find their mother and children in thousands of bloody pieces in their former homes.

2 thoughts on “Blowback for dummies

  1. Joseph says:

    I dunno if I get that concept, Joshua. I mean, we’re a chosen nation and good Christians. If we go into other people’s countries and wreak havoc and destruction aren’t they supposed to just accept it? I mean, I thought they could even be grateful we were “liberating” them by taking over and exploiting their resources (which is not occupation when we do it).

    My brain just isn’t processing what you’re getting at. I think I’m gonna have to stick with: “They hate us cuz we have freedom.” That’s really the most reasonable explanation.

    Okay, it’s been a long week, and I needed to get some sarcasm out of my system. I feel better now.

  2. Nice one, Joseph.

    And great quote, Joshua. Are you sure that isn’t Juan Cole, the middle east expert? I’m not saying it is, it just sound like him.

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