Youth in London organize against student fees


December 10, 2010 by tristan savage

The latest installment from this winter’s student mobilizations against neoliberalism. This battle in London was the final showdown for the broadly unpopular piece of legislation that will allow the tripling of university student fees, but apparently just the beginning of the efforts of a broad coalition of workers, students, immigrants, and others throughout the UK resisting top-down solutions to the budget crisis. The last few months have seen London police stepping up the amount of violence they are willing to use against young protesters, and dozens were injured. After police “kettled” thousands of protesters in freezing temperatures, students fought back, trying to break through police lines.

Check out the news here at London Indymedia:

3 thoughts on “Youth in London organize against student fees

  1. tristan call says:

    Update on Alfie Meadows, the 20-year-old philosophy student who was attacked by police, suffered a stroke, and is in emergency brain surgery:

  2. Tristan says:

    and one more, an amazing video of a 15-year-old student speaking about what teenagers learn when police “kettle” them in freezing temperatures for hours in their own city:

  3. Matzpen says:

    Its the crooks on Wall Street who should be facing austerity and cuts to social services, Not the poor and students

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