Mormon Anarchist Housewife Zine is Out


February 1, 2011 by Tariq Khan

My wife put together this awesome zine. Find out how to get yourself a copy or download a PDF at

6 thoughts on “Mormon Anarchist Housewife Zine is Out

  1. Jason Brown says:


    This is a great project and I wish you well! Keep up the good work!

  2. liberty lover says:

    I just want to thank you for this; I will be looking into it–

    This blog is a wonderful discovery for those of us who have controversial political beliefs; I am a pro-peace liberty lover–

  3. liberty lover says:

    want to add, I really enjoy reading things by Chomsky and Nader!

  4. liberty lover says:

    oops, wrong place for this–

    I enjoy seeing anything ‘anarchist’ connected with Mormonism; the comments about the original blog and Chomsky and Nader are in the wrong place–

  5. AV says:

    In reality, there is no Patriarchal rule over women. Matriarchs have equal rule & reign in all aspects of life & society, if men will honor it. In fact, All men are given the divine mandate to serve the needs & wishes of women, so they can fulfill the highest calling of all, Motherhood. Few men realize that women are actually the directing & saving force in the world. But few women realize this either & thus they usually allow men to dictate & control them, when God as always given women the supreme right to rule over all things because she gives the greatest sacrifice & displays the greatest love. Men are thus commanded to give their life, usually a day at a time, in serving women, at home, in the church & society. IF men do this, then women are also obligated to serve men’s wishes, & thus righteously they can serve each other & preside together in the home, church & society. But God has made women the 1st presiders of the family, church & world. Few ever come to understand this though.

    Women are never obligated to follow, listen to, support, honor or trust any man who doesn’t serve her needs & righteous wishes 1st, above his own. A man earns his right to rule along side the woman,in the home, church & society, by his service to the woman & all women.

    And as far as Priesthood goes, there is no authority, blessing, gift or power that God gives to his sons, that he doesn’t 1st give to his daughters. As taught in Gen. Conf, by Sheri Dew & Elder Cowley, women were blessed premortally with God’s power & authority to act in his name to serve & save the souls of men, as they work in their respective callings as women. Whereas, men must prove worthy of the same power & authority here on earth, though very few ever do

    In the early days of the Church we see how women have always had, & still do today, the power to heal & bless others by the laying on of hands, though women are asked to repress it today & let men have the opportunity to serve in this way in order to encourage men to stay worthy & righteous. Women don’t usually need this added opportunity to stay righteous. So their power can remain dormant in order to help men grow.

    There is no advantage, no power, no privilege, no position, no glory, knowledge or authority, that men are given that God doesn’t 1st give to women. If it does not seem so among us, it is because of the unrighteous dominion of men to demean & subordinate women. For it is the disposition of nearly all men, to try to rule over women, not rule with them.

    But there is an eternal power that women are privileged to hold, because of the valiancy of their sex, that men will never be given, that high power & privilege of bearing souls.

    In fact, so great is women’s general righteousness & power, that God asked his daughters to come down to this earth & suffer if need be, the abuse that most of his sons would try to inflict upon them, & despite that, to save his sons & bring them back to God’s presence by the power of her valiancy. One righteous spouse can save an errant & unworthy spouse & get them back to the Celestial KIngdom, after the errant spouse pays for their sins in Spirit Prison. This is the greatest purpose of marriage, to save our often errant spouse & children by our own valiancy. Men can also save women this way, it’s just is not done by men nearly as much as women save their men.

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