The Arab World is on Fire


February 4, 2011 by The Mormon Worker

By Noam Chomsky

The Arab world is on fire,” al-Jazeera reported on Jan. 27, while throughout the region, Western allies “are quickly losing their influence.”
The shock wave was set in motion by the dramatic uprising in Tunisia that drove out a Western-backed dictator, with reverberations especially in Egypt, where demonstrators overwhelmed a dictator’s brutal police.
Observers compared the events to the toppling of Russian domains in 1989, but there are important differences.
Crucially, no Mikhail Gorbachev exists among the great powers that support the Arab dictators. Rather, Washington and its allies keep to the well-established principle that democracy is acceptable only insofar as it conforms to strategic and economic objectives: fine in enemy territory (up to a point), but not in our backyard, please, unless it is properly tamed.
One 1989 comparison has some validity: Romania, where Washington maintained its support for Nicolae Ceausescu, the most vicious of the East European dictators, until the allegiance became untenable. Then Washington hailed his overthrow while the past was erased.

Read the rest of the article here.

8 thoughts on “The Arab World is on Fire

  1. Cabinessence says:

    good, maybe it will burn down. Chomsky, what an idiot. Either that or he thinks his audience is. Every revolution is a brief manifestation of “democracy” it’s what happens afterwards that matters. Don’t get your hopes up… actually I think you all would be happy with a ten times more unstable and equally as tyrannical regime as long as it’s anti U.S.

    • tariq says:

      What exactly are you responding to? I read the Chomsky article and it is not clear to me what you are taking issue with. Your racism is clear in that you hate Arabs and want them all to die (“good, maybe it will burn down”), but other than that, I can not tell what in Chomsky’s analysis you disagree with. Do you have any legitimate points to make or are you just experiencing the typical right-wing spasms that the name Noam Chomsky seems to cause among your type?

      • Cabinessence says:

        The Chomsky is an idiot bit was a cherry on top just for you Tardiq. Chomsky’s “analysis” was nothing. His view is your view which I expressed in the last sentence of my post.

    • Joseph says:

      Ahhh…Just when I thought all the right-wing trolls had found something better to do, Cabinessence comes along to restore balance to the universe.

      Yeah, I know it’s about what happens after a revolution that matters. Too bad things went so badly after the so-called American Revolution.

      Actually, Cabinessence, Noam Chomsky isn’t getting anyone’s hopes up with this article. Maybe you should read beyond the title before commenting.

  2. Cabinessence says:

    looks like you guys have gone far too long without any “balance” actually. Starting to bunker down are we? moderating comments and stuff… what? taking a pounding or something? couldn’t keep up? It’s cool. Make sure you coddle and protect and isolate your fragile opinions lest any big meanie come along and say “hey that baby is made out of shit”.

  3. Iamdavid says:

    cabinessence. My first inclination is to ignore you. As you may tell, I liken naught to ignore the ignorant. You are obvious white, unemployed, far to the right ( yet not), and enjoy your martini at your golf club. What, mind you, are you doing, here?

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