Free Q’eqchi’ Leader and Political Prisoner Ramiro Choc!


February 7, 2011 by tristan savage

Ramiro Choc


Our compañero Ramiro Choc will have been in prison in Guatemala for 3 years on Valentines Day. Please take a moment to sign the petition for his release here, and pass it on to your friends to sign as well.

To learn more about Ramiro, see our post about him here: Growing Trees in a Cage.


Tristan and Katy

5 thoughts on “Free Q’eqchi’ Leader and Political Prisoner Ramiro Choc!

  1. Cabinessence says:

    Just gonna toss this out there… I’m pretty sure just signing a petition isn’t going to free this guy. Maybe you should call the A-team. Seriously.

    • Joseph says:

      Cabinessence (your pseudonyms haven’t gotten any better),

      I think Tristan missed your 80’s T.V. reference because he’s too busy doing good in the world. He has done a lot more for Ramiro Choc than sign online petitions.

      Growing Trees in a cage was a really good post, and I’m glad to see the fight goes on for Ramiro’s release. Keep up the good work, Tristan!

      • Cabinessence says:

        Joe, it’s an obscure Beach Boys song… anyways just tossing my 23 cents in on the situation, not meaning the actual A-team per se… (if you sift through stuff I say, you might find some stuff you can take to the bank, for reals dawg.) This Ramiro guy sounds alright, i’ll probably sign the petition with a pseudonym. Peace. kinda.

  2. Tristan says:

    Who are the A-team?

    But by all means, take a step further- we are collecting funds for his legal defense team and organizations in Guatemala are preparing for protests and hunger strikes in the capital later this month, if you’d like to help that way. Whatever it takes until the political prisoners are free…


  3. nat kelly says:

    Wow, I read the previous post, and signed the petition. I am looking into living in Guatemala at some point in the next year or so. Would it be feasible for me to get involved with this organization, after I sharpen my Spanish? I am feeling a tremendous need to get the United States out of my system for a while, and joining in an anti-imperialism struggle seems like the ideal way to do that.

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