Egypt, open post


February 10, 2011 by J. Madson

I have been glued to various blogs and Al-Jazeera’s internet feed the last few days. What are your thoughts on the Egyptian revolution taking place?

update: Mubarak steps down

I would also like people to consider how peaceful and non-violent this uprising was. The protestors regularly chanted “peaceful, peaceful.” I doubt that they would have succeeded if they engaged in violence giving the regime a pretext to massacre the people.


6 thoughts on “Egypt, open post

  1. Joseph says:

    Big topic. What are you looking for?

    I’m drowning in too many things right now to watch the news much (my frazzled nerves can’t handle much of it). But this, of course, has grabbed my attention. With all this happening so close on the heels of Tunisia it’s hard not to see a possible trend going on.

    I hope it’s not too much of a stretch to consider the U.S. in response to a post on Egypt, but again the same levels of anger are present here as well. Unfortunately anger here seems to be easily misdirected and disinformation dominates.

    Of course, while I’m considering the U.S., our government’s response to both Tunisia and Egypt has been unsurprisingly, yet still astoundingly, hypocritical.

    I’m looking forward to others who have more information, or more profound thoughts on what is going on. Anyway, I think it’s exciting. It will be interesting to see how the ripple effects play out from these things (if free information can keep flowing without the U.S. shutting down every media outlet Murdoch doesn’t own).

  2. J. Madson says:

    thanks for the link and info. I am hopeful that the Egyptian people can gain more freedom but wary about the latest developments. Incidents like this always help us to see how hypocritical many are on the issue of democracy. They claim they want democracy for Egypt and the world but only so long as they vote the way they want. In other words, they are opposed to democracy.

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