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February 22, 2011 by The Mormon Worker

Hey Everyone,

We just started a Mormon Worker blog in Spanish. It is http://elobreromormon.wordpress.com/ and we are looking for spanish speaking bloggers. If any one is interested, please email me at themormonworker@gmail.com. Or, if you know people who might be interested, please let them know and ask them to contact me. Native spanish speakers and gringo returned missionaries who speak Spanish are both welcome.

They would need to commit to posting one thing each week. It can be a short essay or paper they write on their own, or just post a video or link to an article from another web site/newspaper. The second option isn’t very time consuming so this isn’t much of a commitment.

Generally speaking we are looking for people who self-identify as Mormon, and are also socialist/anarchist, and are anti-war. you do not have to be an active Mormon. Secular Mormons are welcome too.

We are hoping to expand into Spanish in the print edition as well.



5 thoughts on “a new Mormon Worker spanish blog

  1. Tod Robbins says:

    I’m digging the blog layout for Elobrero Mormón. You should roll it out here as well. 🙂

  2. Forest Simmons says:

    I’m willing to do at least one blog per week. [Some of them might be pretty short.] Ademas, I could help translate some of our favorite English language blogs (of enduring value) into Castellano.

  3. Hi forest, I sent you an email with details about signing up to blog and getting access to the website. If you don’t get it, that means i have a bad address for you. in that case, email me at themormonworker@gmail.com.
    Thanks! Will

  4. nat kelly says:

    This is great! Estoy tratando aprender espanol, y no puedo contrubir, pero me gustaria mucho leer los articulos en espanol. Gracias!

  5. Robert Poort says:

    Hope that Elobrero Mormón will prominently show direct links on her home page to the other Mormon Worker sister sites.

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