Your tax dollars at work.


August 28, 2011 by J. Madson

Hogtied black men shot in a hospital, by forces armed, financed and enabled by the United States. I wonder if Barack Obama will include this episode in his next inspiring, patriotic “Letter to My Daughters.” – Chris Floyd

Rebels settle scores in Libyan capital

2 thoughts on “Your tax dollars at work.

  1. Josh says:

    Dude…You’re missing the forest for the trees. At least in Libya the U.S. is TRYING to do what is more or less the right thing. Bahrain is where you want to direct you indignation.

  2. Gregory VanWagenen says:

    This is so awful, and it all began when old man Qaddafi proposed the “gold dinar” which would have undercut the hegemony of the US to set financial policy for the rest of the world.

    Most recently, the rebels have been recorded on ethnic cleansing campaigns. We are essentially all paying for Black Libyans to be rounded up and deported or perhaps killed. Nobody knows where they’ve gone.

    Very depressing news which is (as usual) not being reported by the anglophone establishment media.

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