Occupy Wall Street Protests in SLC


October 4, 2011 by The Mormon Worker

There are planning meetings every night until oct. 6th behind the Main SLC library at 8pm. on Oct 6th we start occupying at Pioneer Park in solidarity with nationwide occupations.

More info to come

9 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street Protests in SLC

  1. Can’t believe you’ve got an active group in SLC, while here in Sacramento it’s quiet.

    My son, who lives in Midvale, suggests I start one here, but I’m a follower, not a leader.

  2. Here is a youtube video about occupy salt lake http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYQmN_MxT6E
    People are getting really excited and organized here in SLC.

  3. Eric F says:

    I’m getting conflicting reports on what the Occupy Wall Street rally’s are for. I’m hearing Occupy The Fed rally’s should organize. I’d love to hear opinions, thoughts and intents from this forum on what these rallys mean to them. Thanks.

  4. I’m receiving conflicting reports on what the Occupy Wall Street organization is about. I would love to hear why marching along side this group is a good idea. Thank you.

  5. Well, for once, Eric, we have an event to which people with conflicting views can gather to oppose a common enemy. People are upset because they’re out of work while their TARP money was used for bonuses to banker big-wigs.

    There are both anti-capitalists and Ron Paul supporters in attendance; everyone is welcome. Solutions to the problem may differ, but getting together and recognizing that there is a common enemy is the first step, I believe.

    Protesting, even if one is not sure of the how or why, is better than not taking a stand at all, in my opinion. Get your body out there.

  6. Ron Madson says:

    Nice to see you here again. I agree with what Rock wrote above. I would add that the real power and, therefore, the root problem does not rest with government and/or either party but with what Wall Street represents–the raw, unchecked power of money. These corporations exist to get as much gain as possible and use their massive wealth to control governments, wage wars, and take up the resources/treasures of each nation where their tentacles reach. They preach to the masses capitalism/free markets (Korihor–“man prospers according to the management of the flesh”) that involves winners and loser, but they are never the losers. If it appears they might fail or their risk were folly, they compel governments to bail them out–thus practicing the ultimate economic hypocrisy.

    The “occupiers of Wall Street” are targeting their focus where it needs to be—directly on Wall Street. While the group may consist of a polyglot of interests (and some in the media will focus on lunatics here and there) they have identified our common enemy, ie, the corruption that rests with the bankers/ corporations that have as Isaiah said that “taketh up the treasures of the earth and no one peeps and mutters.”

    In my opinion, as things worsen in our economy, as is prognosticated, the money powers will want us to scapegoat each other, ie, they will want us to blame (take your pick): illegal immigrants, the other political party, those on welfare, muslims, etc. But the brilliance of the movement, imo, is that it is focusing the attention exactly where it needs to be lest we devolve into scapegoating each other.

    4 trillion in immoral wars founded on deceit, hundreds of billions given to the military industrial complex, and trillions given in corporate welfare–without which we would be fine. Stay focused, occupy their doorstep.

    that is my take as of today. I support the occupiers of Wall Street.

  7. Ron Madson says:

    Here is a link to an article that summarizes the Seven Core Demands of Occupy Wall Street


    I am on board will these core objectives. The point of the protests is to bring together the 99% that cuts across party lines (Tea Party to liberal progressives), and in doing so demonstrate to the to our government that we demand such changes and that they must fear “us” more then the 1%.

  8. Thank you for your replies, thoughts and input. I agree with what each of you have stated.

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