Common denominators ?


October 31, 2011 by Robert Poort

A helpful way of depicting middle ground and common denominators of genuine concerned people.
Unfortunately both movements are being politicized by the ruling “Big Two” who are equally to blame.

4 thoughts on “Common denominators ?

  1. Brooks W. Wilson says:

    Excellent! Sounds like the basis for a new party.

    • Maybe we can somehow merge the Libertarian and Green Parties into something useful? Either environmentalist anti-corporate libertarianism, or limited-government liberalism sound good to me — and I’m flexible on the details as long as we’ve got the major goals pinned down…

  2. Ron Madson says:

    Well done. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Forest Simmons says:

    The center statement should be more succinct:

    “Too much growth of corrupt public and private mutually supporting parasitical tyrannies!”

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