Occupy Zarahemla


January 20, 2013 by J. Madson

It’s finally up. My paper entitled “‘Occupy Zarahemla’: Book of Mormon Leaders and the Prophetic Voice of Dissent and Critique” presented at Claremont Conference: Mormons in The Marketplace. I borrow liberally from David Graeber, Charles Eisenstein, Hugh Nibley, the Book of Mormon, and Tidal Occupy Theory. First half discusses occupy and beginning around 15 minute mark I delve into what mormonism has to say about neoliberalism and potential ways forward.

4 thoughts on “Occupy Zarahemla

  1. It seems there is such a strong capitalist sentiment among Mormons, which I used to think was a good thing–a brilliant display of their rugged individualism. Joshua articulated the feelings I’ve been having more recently. Individualism is not something to be celebrated. Individualism couldn’t be further from God’s kingdom where family and unity are the ideal. Only in Satan’s world would we be this confused about what is good and what is bad. He would deceive the very elect… if it were possible!

  2. Ron Madson says:

    Josh’s speech is packed with a lot of insights so it takes a few viewings/listenings to grasp all the addressed. For me personally the discussion of our need to adopt a “gift” society rather than a debt society is very much needed in our spiritual discourse. Also, taking on the belief in “SELF reliance” must not be avoided when it has become the Korihor doctrine that has perniciously imbedded itself into Mormonism. Daymon Smith gave an address right after Josh which I suspect we will post here when it is available. From my biased perspective their two addresses were the highlight of the conference last year.

  3. LDSDPer says:

    Some of *our* young people are waking up to this in ways *our* old people can’t–

    The greatest irony of all is how American Mormons have embraced Babylon while having been taught about Zion from infancy–


  4. tariq says:

    Good talk. Good scriptural connections to modern problems and modern social movements.

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