LDS Sign Declaration Renouncing Wars!


August 22, 2013 by Ron Madson

“There comes a time when silence is betrayal..”–Martin Luther King. A “Declaration Renouncing War” has been prepared for LDS members to sign and add their voice in sending a message to our respective governments that they do not “own” our allegiance to their current and future wars between nations. I am linking a site where you can, with others,  add your voice in Renouncing all current and future wars between nations. Check out the “About” section explaining the purpose of this Declaration and also read the linked “Essay” entitled “Renounce War: An Invitation to Conscientiously Object and Witness” for a more in-depth theological/legal analysis as to why such a Declaration is essential in establishing now and in the future a culture/tradition of LDS being Conscientious Objectors.  We at the Mormon Worker find the act of Renouncing All Wars consistent with our highest values, doctrines and sacred texts. Please consider signing the “Declaration Renouncing War” linked here:

And then share with others this Declaration as we rally around a Title for Peace!

14 thoughts on “LDS Sign Declaration Renouncing Wars!

  1. Tony Bonnici says:

    Good initiative and inspirational essays. Thanks. Unfortunately, I find most of my LDS friends and associates seem to think equate war with valour and righteousness when in reality it is one of the greatest (if not the greatest) evils in the world.

    • Ron Madson says:

      So very true Tony. And thanks for adding your name to the Declaration. When we as LDS say we are a “christian” faith and that Christ is the center of our worship we are primarily referring to doctrinal stances and theological statements. However, Jesus defined following Him and bringing forth fruit as a test of discipleship. To be “christian” was originally defined as taking up our cross and emulating His traits which included trusting in the Father of us all to the point that we lay down our weapons of war. That is what it meant to be a “christian”, ie, it was defined by our acts and not simply saying you believe in Jesus

      • jamie_barclay says:

        Man, that has GOT TO be added to the anti-war statements. If you have a manifesto (it seems all anarchist movements have them) I wan to see it. Congratulations. 100%.

  2. Forest Simmons says:


  3. Elijah Stanfield says:

    I think I’d like to sign but, the language at the end makes me pause. I think some defensive actions are just and right, if the aggressors heart is purly of evil intent and connot be changed.

  4. Forest Simmons says:

    Radically Pacific Humanitarian Intervention:

    The USA frequently uses “humanitarian intervention,” as a pretext for getting into the fray. These interventions almost always escalate the violence many fold.

    Currently more than two million Syrians have fled from their homes to get out of the way of the coming destruction. Why not put our efforts into facilitating the evacuation of these innocent civilians? Once they are out of harm’s way, the wicked can destroy the wicked, and we won’t have to do any bombing (unless we want to be counted among the wicked who destroy the wicked).

    In the Book of Mormon account the most frequent way for the Lord to protect the innocent from destruction is through simply warning them of the coming violence and facilitating their escape. Also in the Book of Moses, the Lord facilitated the gathering into the City of Enoch. Even after it was translated repentant souls were beamed up until the time of the flood (see Moses 7:27).

    Why do we think that our violent carnage is better than the Lord’s form of humanitarian intervention?

  5. french fries says:

    Well, it amazes me how much americans support war with a fake sense of patriotism (Psdt Kimball said that much better than I do).

    As far as I am concerned, we should have no foreign policy, no war, no weapons etc.
    I served in Spain and live in France and almost every single member of the church I have met agrees on those terms. There’s no questionning as to what is the position of the Lord for Europeans. The positions of lds leaders, lds politicians or lds businessmen may differ but I follow Christ’s teachings. When we choose another way that the Lord’s, we become prideful and we sin against further light and knowledge.

    For what I’ve seen, It seems that it’s hard for an american lds member to forsake the traditions of the father as the BOM puts. Maybe because the image of the Empire still prevails.

    Solution ?

    To me, the ordinance of baptism represents the cleansing of the blackboard of our previous sins but not only. We need to erase our old ways of thinking, our vain ambitions, our wicked traditions or views etc. Thus we become as a little child, a blank page on which the Lord can write with his fingers His law, His ways and His love.
    But let’s face it, we usually does’nt get that feeling after baptism (I’m a convert). We still need to get rif of the old self.

    Neal A MAxwell said:
    “But is being consecrated and “swallowed up” a threat to our individuality? (See Mosiah 15:7.) No! Heavenly Father is only asking us to lose the old self in order to find the new and the real self. It is not a question of losing our identity but of finding our true identity!”

    We must be cleansed with fire because usually water dosen’t suffice to clean the chalkboard. But as Maxwell taught it often, we must be willing to submit. The holy ghost will not refine us against our will.

    I added my name on your list.

    • Forest Simmons says:

      FF, have you read “Of One Heart,” Elder Maxwell’s story about the City of Enoch?

    • Jason Rae says:


      “As far as I am concerned, we should have no foreign policy, no war, no weapons etc.”

      It’s amazing you can believe such ridiculous nonsense living so close to Normandy, Utah Beach etc. Maybe we should have stayed home?

      • french fries says:

        “Ridiculous nonsense”.

        People from my family were prisoners during that war, many have lived under the nazi occupation, some have died, please show a little respect when I’m assuming such well thought out position.

        I’ve been to Normandie many times. Looking at all the crosses in the US cemetary, I feel gratitude towards all the soldiers who have died for my country. Nevertheless, one needs to be consistent with his covenants and values. The US intervention in Europe and the Pacific doesn’t fit with D&C 98.

        Maybe we should always stay home and truly believe Christ.

  6. Forest Simmons says:

    I started a petition at asking President Obama to avoid force except the amount necessary to provide safe passage to the people fleeing Syria. The wording of the petition sounds a bit stilted because there is a 75 character limit on the title of the petition.

    Here’s the link:

    I’m sure that there is somebody out there with more know-how that could make a more effective petition and get it into the hands of more people. Help!

  7. Joseph says:

    The Irony is that those who sign this petition are those who would never take up arms for any reason anyway. There will always be a separate warrior class who step forward and volunteer when the rest of society won’t. It is the politicians who make the evil, not the warrior.

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